Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday's Fill-in, October 10th

1. One of the best concerts/plays/movies I ever saw that I really didn't think I'd like was actually a comedy-based seminar titled, Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage with Mark Gungor. It has been instrumental in the way the Favorite Guy and I communicate matters of acceptance and forgiveness.

2. Grilled Portabello & Poblano burritos is a recipe I recently made that was delicious!

3. It's time for Halloween and I'm so excited.

4. Cold beer is quite refreshing.

5. If I never hear the word election again, it'll be too soon.

6. To one side of the curving road was a For Sale By Owner sign, and on the other was a Moving Sale sign; signs of the times.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to beer and a movie, tomorrow my plans include decorating the front yard, and Sunday, I want to finalize some art projects and catch up with my Favorite Guy!


Raxx - A day in the life said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting, that seminar you mentioned sounds interesting.

Off to classes! Yuck!

Gotta get of this computer!

Janet said...

isn't Halloween just so much fun!

Loved the picture, btw...caption could be Stop and smell the roses :-)

Thanks for playing, have fun this weekend :-)

fly tie said...

yeah. i like that picture as well. the overcast, the flowers, the unoccupied street. nice.

Ms. Bar B: said...

I definitely agree that everything "election" has run its course right now. Don't know how much more I can handle here, lol.

And yes... yay for Halloween =)

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