Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What's up, you say?! Everything, I tell ya. So...good stuff first. I have opted to resign from my daunting 20 hrs. a week position as plebeian cubicle dweller with headset at the Evil Blue Octagon. After much thought, planning, a little coaxing from the favorite guy and a realization that I do not need any help being miserable-it has been decided. Now, to decide whether or not to be a consummate professional and thank the folks over in Hades for the opportunity to border on self destruction at their expense or be myself and tell them how I feel. Two issues; the first is, I know that my stomach will hurt and I may even regurgitate a small portion of some vegetarian meal if I attempt to do this with any semblance of gratitude. That thought, and partially digested proteins are tough to swallow. On the other side, I don't want to blemish my resume, I can always use my full time status as label manager in lieu of mentioning the Evil Blue Octagon, but that's a little, y'know not quite truthful. See, I know that it is illegal to slander a former employee but an abrasive letter of resignation is part of your (in case you didn't know) permanent employee record and I don't think if they present such inclusion with neutrality there is anyway that one could fight it as slander. Trust that the slithering slitherers (yes, I still have Harry Potter on the mind) know a bit about Inhumane Resources and aren't afraid to use their powers for evil. As someone who would like never to return to any corporate structure, I'm like, "Ah fuck it"! But knowing that in a crunch, I look pretty sweet on paper and can land position in the corporate slave trade quite easily and affluently one has to think long term. I'm sure as I usually do, I will find the delicate balance between logic and hysterics and will conjure up something with just the right amount of sting. At the end of the day, it all really is about semantics.
Other goings on...there has just been so much, but I'm up and down and down so I've been pretty tight lipped (fisted). I mentioned Joe's gig, I'm such a total groupie! No, seriously I am. After so many years of this man making noise you'd think, I'd be at least over it if not completely annoyed, I'm so not. I love seeing him in all out "Art-guy-music-DJ-freako" zone. It's like, is that the same guy that was just bitchin' about the yard, or spacing it in yoga class? (That's a whole other hilarious story) Anyway, I get the groupie deal, but they're all still banished to Cockroach-dom, and you all know who you are! Uses finger to hold eyelid down...I'm watching you! I'm so not, but that was fun to say, you laughed too, didn't you?
So, yeah I'm leaving the job, school is just about in session and I'm in political tirade mode over a few recent happenings. And not that anyone other than myself really cares about this shit, but I gotta vent. This goes back a few days so not all of the details are accurate, I am 34 years old-but you'll get the basic gist. In case I have not stated this previously the worst part of living in Arizona is really the cultural void. For the most part the majority here is Cretin, Christian, and Conservative. There is very little tolerance for anything and anyone else (If you're reading this and counting your Black/Hispanic friends, justifying the fact that you don't go to church every Sunday and pleading your case against conservatism in the fact that you don't support this war-spare me, no really...please do-thanks) So, favorite guy and I are in the car and there is all of this yammer on a local talk radio show about Transsexuals being ousted from a Scottsdale nightclub for using the Ladies Room, urinating while standing and being loud and flamboyant. People are calling in and caller after caller they are spewing venom and dumb shit. They want to know if Transsexuals are gay or straight, they want to tell their story about the time they were in a bar with cousin/current girlfriend Becky Sue III and one of them types came in and made their stomach turn, they want to talk about how they don't feel comfortable receiving customer service from one of them, and it just goes on and on and on. I'm (of course) arguing (in theory) with each and every caller. When was the last time you were asked to confirm your sexual orientation when entering a public restroom, and is there really enough room (or concern) for Straight Men, Gay Men, Bi Men, Trans Men, DL Men, Women, Fat Women, Ugly Women, Smelly Women, Try Women (girls who like girls cause biys like girls who like girls) and more- designated rest areas?! What the fuck folks? And the club owner's cop out was he just wanted his "patrons to be happy". Was it Transsexuals Comp Night-so they were also patrons. I can't imagine they were too happy or he would not be getting sued! I do not feel comfortable being trained by an overweight fitness instructor, I prefer my beautician has a full head of her own hair, I'd like my dentist to have teeth and fresh breath and the only requirement for with whom a public restroom is to be shared is that they have to piss, shit and are a member of the public, am I right? At the end of the day if you don't like what is going on, with the exception of Tent City you are free to leave, just like I am leaving the Evil Blue Octagon! Does happy dance...

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