Saturday, July 7, 2007

Joe and I went dancing last night! Music and dancing are a huge part of our lives. As artists, business owners, as human beings the need for creative expression through sound and movement is as essential as air, water and Diet Coke!

We went to Joe DiPadova's Straight No Chaser party at Homme Lounge in Phoenix. Joe's party is a good damn time, every time. The set is captivating and the captives are fascinating. Joe, as the resident captor remains seemingly aloof of his spiritual leader-esque status among the masses! To the left of me, the Brothers were taking it to church under a hot tin-roof in the deep south, to the right, hippie gypsy types were getting their Woodstock trance wave gig going. The Latin girls were calling on Yemaya with a seductive samba groove and well, the youngsters were "Blake-inating" a la American Idol's Blake Lewis! I'm not sure what this flowing, one part pop-locking, one part snake charmer dance deal is called, but the kids at Straight No Chaser are all about it. I'm telling ya! I'm sitting here with an odd expression as I type the words kids and youngsters. I'm far from a fossil, but I've been a club-goer for two decades now, and as dance styles evolve I've come to realize the difference; these kids don't sit down, they can't sit down..and I'm glad cause, shit I need a seat!

Favorite guy, (Joseph of Next Dimension Music) spins Straight No Chaser at Homme Lounge-138 W. Camelback Road on Friday July 20th. If you're in the area come out and dance with me, I won't be sitting that night! For more info or check the event listing at

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