Thursday, July 12, 2007

34 at a glance

Oooooh Hoooo! Wop, wop, cabbage patch, pump it left, pump it right, shimmy, shimmy, to the left, to the right, now sing, "It is my birthday, it is my birthday!" So far so good...

7:00 am-1st attempt to be disciplined and get in one hour of yoga and meditation

7:01 am-" 8:00"

7:40-phone rings-Iva wishes me a happy birthday-she sounds more excited than I's a good day, huh?

8:00 am-sits up at edge of bed, rubs eyes, stretches, walks to front of house, opens fridge, sips diet coke, sighs and returns to bed...

8:33 am-guilt sets in

8:35 am- rationalization commences, "Shit it's my birthday...I can do yoga on Friday...oh but I have a class on Saturday...that's too much...ugh"

8:50- rises, drops pajama bottoms on floor, picks up yoga pants, brushes teeth, applies pimple prophylaxis regimen and walks to front of house. Sips more Diet Coke, stacks floor pillows at sides of sofa, pushes coffee table against far wall, inserts Dosha Yoga DVD and wakes Yael...

8:56 or so-anger starts to set in as DVD is not working...

9:00 ish-Joe comes in to put out potential morning "fire" as I pace the living room and sigh more

9:10-I exclaim, "Well that sucks because that one was like new....The irony is, it actually is specifically designed to cool my Pitta energy...gotta love the universe, huh?

9:15-mats are in place and Yael and I begin the Max Strom Strength, Grace Healing DVD

10:00 am- we're done, Yael gives me a birthday card she has drawn...her artistic capabilities are improving-I'm really quite impressed, I adore this little girl...I check my e-mails. Lisa sent an E-greeting. Roxanne complimented my writing, they're sweet! I smile.

10:20- Joe arrives with gorgeous coral Gerbera daisies and other goodies that I haven't seen yet.. I tell him that I have gone over my birthday budget with last night's online shopping spree, he raises his eyebrows and I advise him it was only $1.41 over...his eyebrows settle again. I laugh.

10:23- I trim and arrange my flowers-I'll photograph them later. I ask Joe if we're going out for pizza tonight, he says, "Yes".

10:37- My breakfast is just about ready...

10:40- Sits down for breakfast with Yael and Joe, pushes pile of craft items to one side of table

11:00- Clears table, Joe retreats to office for stuff

11:30- Getting restless, go to see what Joe is doing now...same thing, so I eat a bowl of cereal and invite him to accompany me for a nap in "5 minutes".

12:00ish- Joe and I are attempting to take a nap, Yael is "hiding" (whilst giggling incessantly at the foot of my bed. Now she's in the bed and she's climbing on us and kissing us and laughing some more...Jordan is still asleep in his cave

12:05- or so-I ask Yael to "scram"

2:00- I emerge from my nap...Joe has resumed doing stuff, I wander around aimlessly for a few minutes. Joe calls me to see what he has done and asks if I'd like to go get more stuff from the store, I agree.

2:10- I mentally run current status of credit card balances and checking account balances through my head. I make a few calls and payments by phone

2:40ish- We're headed outdoors, I check the phone for messages, Roxanne called, Marilyn's coming-"Cool". The kids are arguing about who ate the last cinnamon bun, Yael has a light blue chenille throw over her head, it is her new hair, she doesn't tangle. I shake my head and grimace.

3:00- We're out, I open the door and it is just ridiculously hot, we enter the car and I literally feel nauseated by the heat. I complain to Joe that he needs to garage the car, he mumbles something about how annoying it is to go in and out of the garage and starts the car.

3:12- We enter JoAnn and I pick up some sterling silver wire for a Pretty In Peace project (a line of peace and nature inspired jewelry I will be launching shortly).

3:26- We enter Safeway for beer and pizza ingredients, we discuss wheat beers briefly. Joe picks up Skinny Dip and then we switch it for Sunshine Wheat Beer.

3:30- We leave the store and some asshole mistakes the parking lot for the PIR (Phoenix Int'l Raceway) nearly resulting in a melee between his Suburban a really tiny luxury car piled with red-faced freaks.

3:46- We are home, Jordan is evicted from the kitchen PC for being shirtless, he pleads that he was bout to take a shower and I inquire if he will be "taking one in the kitchen" with raised eyebrows and a look that says, "that is a rhetorical question". Joe chuckles...

3:48- Siobhan calls to wish me a happy birthday and remind me that I'm an "Old lady".

Have I mentioned that my birthday ensemble consists of old yoga pants with bleach stains on them, uncombed hair and a workout tee? Yeah...that's my birthday couture so far. I will probably put on an old pair of Jordan's shorts and an oversized tee for the evening's festivities.

4:16- I finish updating the am portion of the blog while sipping Alka Seltzer...

4:20-Walking around, straightening up, giving orders...

4:30-I took a shower and put on some shorts and a tee, Yael says I look beautiful and tries to convince me to comb my hair just as she heads for the bathroom

4:45-I call my grandmother to wish her a happy birthday, we chat for a bit about the Bureau of Vital Records and how much it has improved since my aunt was listed as a boy on her birth certificate and another aunt who at 76 has lived her entire life as Virginia although her birth certificate reads Victoria... laughs and shakes head.

5:00-Lisa calls we chat for a bit about how our day is going, I speak with Em who wishes me a happy birthday,Lisa gets back on and now we have a brief wheat beer discussion, the conversation continues about nothing specific, Roxanne calls her on the other line while we're chatting...

Long silence, huh-well Lisa's phone is a piece of shit and we were disconnected and unable to resume connectivity for 4 minutes...she needs a new network!

5:20ish-Joe's taking the pizza out of the oven and setting the cakes on the table. We start eating, it's quiet with the exception of Yael; I think she is talking about a Disney show or movie, I don't know...she's just talking without breathing it seems...

5:49- Jordan has some Pop Culture game show on and Joe and I are discussing celebrity and how the wave of reality TV and the fact that anyone can make a movie/video has changed the shape of TV and eventually the Academy...Joe believes all will go the way of Sundance and there will be a few underground elitists...

5:58-Something about the chupacabra is mentioned on TV and a brief discussion ensues; I ask, "Whatever happened with that" Joe says, "It's still around." Jordan says he's seen pictures of it to which I add, "I've seen pictures of Marge Simpson too doesn't mean she's real ..."

6:05- I'm done with my cake Joe clears the table as Yael is still finishing up. As Jordan finishes he exclaims, "I won!" in an effort to set Yael off since she was unaware of the contest...

6:17- I step over to the PC to update my blog and Joe and the kids are in front of the TV

6:24- Iva calls, I can't really make out what she's saying...we're trying to get a family card game organized...

6:40- After several minutes of studying the instructions we've decided that a new game is probably not in the cards for tonight (no pun intended)

Everyone is kinda just loafing around a little dull as the brain cell energy has been usurped trying to digest pizza, pound cake and ice cream!

7:30- Okay second ironic occurrence of the day...Sunshine beer should be called Schizo beer cause I'm in the foulest mood right now...hmmm...

7:45-Mood swing increases in intensity as every fuckin' movie that I might be interested in started an hour ago or "this showing is no longer available" My TV aptitude is sub-par so just what the hell does that mean?

8:00- (I married the right man) Just as I am on the verge of breaking something, Joe suggests he go out and get a movie from the grocery store and his willingness alone to appease me calms the beast a bit and I opt to watch one of the existing film choices at home; Harry Potter or Nacho Libre. At least I have a great deal of respect and admiration for J.K. Rowlings literary expertise and so Harry Potter it is (says with British accent)

8:20-We start the movie and I'm surprisingly pleased as having read a couple of the books that I originally bought when Jordan was younger, I am abreast of the basics and the general character relationships throughout..Yael is still talking...

9:00- Pause the movie for more Alka Seltzer and get a load of laundry started while it is off-peak hours for APS, our electric bill was pretty hefty this month!

10:00- Evening blog update ends...resume movie watching

10:48-Movie ends and it's time to prepare for my four hour sentence at the Evil Blue Octagon. All in all, it was a pleasant birthday. Thanks everyone! I still have sandy brown roots, and my ID has expired, but look at all that I did accomplish...laughs...

11:18-Editing is complete...worries briefly as I'm quite tired and wondering if all of the necessary corrections have been made. Reflects on the movie for a moment and thinks, "I really need that pensieve" (pensieve: a cauldron-like object in Harry Potter Goblet of Fire which enables one to extract unpleasant thoughts and worries from the brain via wand)

Now that I've paid my bills, I wonder if I can charge one of those babies...

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