Sunday, July 1, 2007

Le Premier

Well, it is Sunday and it's the first of July...a seemingly uneventful day for some, but for the Looneybird it means the start of something...anything- and, this Sunday, this first day of July, something is a blog. Now, Tea & Honey Bread started to take shape just over a year ago, sitting opposite my favorite guy in our home office. (I'll introduce you to him a little later) Anyway, we were having one of our usual "Cancerian-moody-creative-types" conversations and I mentioned writing a book of essays that I would title "T" and Honey Bread. T, well for Tameka and Honey Bread was a tribute to African American women particularly those previously enslaved in the South who gathered on Sundays after church for honey-dipped hard bread and "girl-talk". This collection of essays would encompass personal musings, life lessons and hardships; sweet goodness for the mind, body and spirit. Joe, (my favorite guy) was supportive and even excited at the prospect. I wrote a few entries, referenced some quotes to further discussion..but alas, the timing was off.

I have an ongoing snit-I'd hardly call it a battle, with anxiety/depression that makes planning creative endeavors ahead nearly impossible. If I have the passion and intensity to create, I'm too "low" to orchestrate it effectively. For lack of a better way to put this, the "smart button" is greyed out but the "creative button" is lit or it's the other way around and the project goes all left-brain!

So, skip ahead to this morning- we're just about to settle in for breakfast and Joe mentions that today is the first of July. Quickly, I recall devoting myself to the discipline of veganism on Sunday, April 1st and how that has been a success! I started thinking today felt alot like that day. The creative juices are a tad stagnate, but my "smart button" is lit and I feel confident and disciplined.

A few changes have taken place since the initial concept was birthed, the T has been changed to "Tea" as in freshly brewed and poured over and over, shared in good company. Only, with this tea, as the ice melts, the topics refresh themselves. Where there are good friends, there is always good topic! I don't have many good friends, but the group I belong to is an elite group of smart, beautiful, creative, hardworking women and "Honey Bread" is representative of their sweet goodness.

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