Friday, July 6, 2007

I'm nuts, anxious and disorganized today. I so could've used some yoga this morning but Mr. Jenkins beat me to the spot at the center of the living room. It seems I've been losing many a battle for that spot since Joe went and got DirecTV! (growls and shows teeth like vicious canine)

My birthday is Thursday, "Yay birthday!" Although there is nothing particularly exciting about turning 34 there's always much to be delighted about in starting something new. I don't have big plans, I'd like a cake, some candles and the ever popular, awkward, off-key serenade. I'm praying that my Aveda Clove color conditioner order comes in by Wednesday! I'll be rabid beast angry if I have to have these sandy brown roots on my big day! What else? Oh, I have to get a learner's permit before my birthday! I know, I know I'm only 34-whatver. I'm so not getting it just because all of my peers have been moaning about it (as if I'm adversely affecting the planet's climate by not having it) There are namely two reasons why I feel it's time to learn to drive...well three. First, and this is the biggest-I think the Goddess is trying to tell me something. Seems I've sprouted some pimples and a few catfish like fine hairs at the corners of my mouth...kinda like a teenage boy! And, well what do teenage boys get once the pimples and the fuzz arrive? Girlfriends, learner's permits and cars! Joe would oppose the first. Plus, Portia DeRossi got first dibs...she must mean the latter two! Second, my ID expires on my birthday and third, I'm over the hairstyle in that ID picture. (although I wouldn't mind being 120 lbs again!)

I don't know the first thing about driving other than fastening the seatbelt and inserting a CD, so figuring out all of the ins and outs of it in...what do I have...six days?! This is gonna be interesting, to say the least. I'm confident though, it's Arizona and I've seen enough toothless tractor driving yokels to hypothesize passing the written exam can't possibly be that complex. (Be sure to read my follow up blog titled I Botched the Written Exam!)

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