Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shutter Click & Chat 9/7

Thrifted and Funky!

I purchased this shirt in 1999. I was pregnant (8 months) with my second child and the annual Mother's Day outing was approaching. Mother's Day in NYC meant dinner and drinks with my committee of girlfriends who are also mothers. Only this year, with their waistlines intact. How does one transform a pumpkinesque physique in time for a night on the town? You don't, you find an outfit so funky that all eyes are on it and not your girth!

There she was on my way into the office, the window of Andee's Cheapies in NYC's Greenwich Village. She was, and still is mine for five fabulous dollars. I think the best thing about this blouse aside of the gorgeous embroidery, and puffed sleeves is the timelessness of it. It's 2008 and we're still as fun, funky and in love as we were in 1999. What have you got?

PS. I paired her with denim capris and gorgeous Birkenstock Gizehs, who needs a waist! Laughs.

Shutter Click and Chat 9/14:
A special book-
It could be anything from your wedding album to something you've written. I want to see and read about your special book.


High Desert Diva said...

Love it! And the Birks aren't bad either.

Somehow I missed the word funky when choosing mine...hmmm...

T.Allen-Mercado said...

No worries, you know I'm always in awe of your eye for design and repurposing. Thanks for joining in this week!

fly tie said...

i've got a thing for embroidered shirts. plus i love the sleeves on that one. and for 5 bucks? nice.

dang. too bad i missed this week considering that most items in my wardrobe and household were thrifted...and many are pretty darn funky.

will consider a meaningful book of mine for next week.

Smarty Pants said...


cecileklay said...

Tameka, LOVE the attitude-filled shirt!

My best thrift find was the 3-piece Yves St. Laurent (straight from France) pinstriped wool suite which my son wore to his girlfriend's prom. For $12 he looked SO BUFF compared to the rental tuxedos...

Ms. Bar B: said...

Gosh darn it!! I completely forgot about Shutter Click & Chat Sundays =(.

I'm on it for next week though so ya better be ready =)

VERY cute shirt by the way!

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