Sunday, September 21, 2008

Shutter Click & Chat 9/21

The Money Shot

Rod and I forget-her-name's wedding 1999

This is my Liz Smith shot. Liz Smith is a NYC gossip columnist who has used the same head shot photo above her column since I had weekly current events homework. For those of you who are new to the Honey House, that's more than a score ago! I clearly remember the day I caught a glimpse of her covering a red carpet event. I ran about and, scrambling feverishly, I turned to page six of The Post. I looked at the television, back at the photo and back again, "What the?! All this time...I...I...I've been duped."

Favorite Guy took this pic at a cousin's wedding, it was the last shot in a one time use Rite Aid brand camera. No Photoshop, (note: full funky ashtray) Annie Leibowitz, or airbrushing; I owe the glow to Yael who was about 8 weeks old. You gotta love those wacky hormones sometimes!

Unless some magical crones'-beauty-inducing hormonal wave surfaces, this will forever remain my money shot just like good ol' Liz. And you? Show me the money shot!

Shutter Click and Chat 9/28:
Fantasy Wardrobe Remix

A spin on the popular Flickr group, for next week's pic I invite you to put together one amazing ensemble from any online shops, boutiques or designers you can find and, incorporate one thing you already own. Ready? Begin.


fly tie said...

oh yes. nice glow and sitting position.

(i can recall being perplexed by never changing photos of people in the press.)

High Desert Diva said...


The photo I use in my profile is the best picture ever taken of me as an adult. I wonder how long I can get away with using it....

Ms. Bar B: said...

Ha! I am assuming that your cousin Rod is no longer married to "what's her name"??

Cute picture, and don't think we didn't notice all of that leg that you were showing young lady =)

Victim of Craft-Induced ADD said...

Hey there Tameka! I actually did a shutter click & chat today. There's not a single adult picture of me that I like, so instead, I used the topic from last Sunday "My Special Book". I left my link on the Mr. Linky thing. Peace!

Mekhismom said...

That is a great photo! I think it is funny that you say "what's her name."

Jewelry Rockstar said...

Very pretty, and you are glowing like a lightening bug.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

You guys are funny...the marriage was short-lived, and I honestly don't remember what her name is.

Em K DUB said...

Oh My gosh I'm so behind on this!!! I love that you do this! Best idea ever!

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