Monday, September 8, 2008


The only person you really have to make happy, Tameka, is you.
Good thing you're so cool -

The Universe

Today's note from the Universe is pretty cool, huh? Oddly enough, making myself happy is not something I've historically had much luck with. Depression is quite the formidable opponent of sustained happiness. But today was different, although the day isn't over, it's safe to say-random tragedies not withstanding, I've made a conscious decision to be happy today. That my friends, is a start.

I slept in a little later. I wore yesterday's clothes. I let the voicemail get it. I reached over and gently touched the prickly hairs that curiously line my Favorite Guy's face on Mondays. I ate a lollipop, I wrote a letter, I sang out loud and off key, it was Kajagoogoo no less! I kissed my cats, I brushed my daughter's hair and smelled her hemp-oiled scalp. I opened Jordan's door, sniffed and grimaced at his boy-scented room. I wrote a friend, I phoned a friend, I think I've made a friend. I bought stickers. I visited the library. I smiled at a baby, she smiled back quizzically. I ate cake, and then I ate another piece. I made a decision to be happy today. How was your Monday?


Bright Circle said...

Disappointing. Depressing. Illuminating. Alienating. I think I lost some friends and some friends lost me.

It got better after I left my house though.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I'm sorry BC...I hope it all pans out for you.

High Desert Diva said...

You made the effort to find happiness and you did...bravo

Smarty Pants said...

I have been using my mantra "Make it a great day!"
It's working.

fly tie said...

beautiful. sometimes it does just take you making the conscious decision that you're gonna be happy.

my monday was enlightening, inspiring, joyous, and illuminating.

Bright Circle said...

I'm struggling with depression too, and it really seems to be changing me as a person. I'm unpleasant, confrontational, and those I thought were friends talk about me when they think I can't hear.

I'm glad you're feeling better though.

Jewelry Rockstar said...

My Monday was pretty good. Got to talk to my daughters Social Studies teacher, she's so sweet. Found out my baby daughter is gonna skip a grade at her small homeschool, yea! following in big sis's footsteps. Had a very tasty crab finger and shrimp salad, which I really enjoyed because I am not allergic to shellfish anymore (after 20 years). It was a happy happy day. Oh forgot, got a usual belly laugh at my hubby's jokes.

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