Friday, September 5, 2008

A Mother's Love and a One-Eyed Viking God

This afternoon while reading we came across the word hotheaded. Hotheaded, in the particular text, was defined as; easily angered, ill-tempered. This definition was then summarized by the lovely Yael as, "Like you mom". To which I reticently agreed, "Yes, like me", as we continued.

A few paragraphs later, we come across the story of Odin, God of Wisdom, father of the all powerful Thor. Odin it would seem, gave his eye for a sip from the Spring of Wisdom. As I read this aloud Yael quizzically comments, "He gave away his eye for a drink?". "Not just a drink", I say. Read it again. She reads it and looks back at me like, "What's your point?" I explain and, rather histrionically I might add; arms flailing and all. "Wisdom is huge. Especially, following the Ancient Greeks and Romans. To be wise, learned, sage, a scholar-all of this is greatly important. Yes, important enough to Odin that he'd rather have one eye than be without it". She gives a wide-eyed, understanding nod and says excitedly. "Oh, like the way you'd give away your eyes for me and daddy and Jordan because, we're so important to you?!" Following a deep breath and the restoration of my composure, I reply, "Yes Yael, exactly like that".

I am admittedly the resident hard-ass, education dictator and firm believer in clearly defined boundaries. As our children get older and there's less "Schmoopy-poo" talk, it isn't always clear to me if the deep love I feel for them is evident. Like most, I try to cross my "T's", dot my "I's", kiss boo-boos and understand friends and fashion trends. But, it is difficult to really know if your children or anyone for that matter ever feels loved enough. That is, until you read a diary, a tell all novel or an Introduction to Norse Mythology. Go hug someone and tell them you love them, because I said so! Laughs. Peace.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

im impressed folk
in particular
athean myothology
thanks for that
have a gr8 weekend jones

High Desert Diva said...

Well...since you said so...

Jewelry Rockstar said...

I used to wonder if my children really felt my "I love yous," because of being the "keep everyone straight" role I have in my home Then I added to my affirmations " I am a mother who has great communication with my children." Now, I am sure they do. Something about my affirmations, they always show up in my life.

Hey how old r ur children? My youngest daughter is home schooled with 4 other children, by an older Grandma with a Ph.D. However, I teach Spanish there. I've made a Spanish powerpoint that's interactive. I am willing to share it with you if you need 2nd - 3rd grade Spanish. Actually, I'd like ur feedback because I want to sell it to homeschool parents online. You'd be a tester.

A Cuban In London said...

Precocious little leprechauns they are, aren't they? A good lesson on wisdom and the use of it wisely (wink).

Greetings from London.

Anonymous said...

One of the greatest mysteries of being human is knowing what someone else knows or feels.

I remember when Sara was a teen pushing boundaries and was outraged when I said NO to a request I considered dangerous. I told her the story of a young girl stolen, raped, and someone THEIR DAD USED TO WORK WITH. I explained that if anything happened to her I would become a raging, avenging angel of death and the person who hurt her would be in a world of hurt.

Sara's eyes flew open and she said, you WOULD?!? It was one of those moments when the curtain is pulled back and the depth of blind devotion is laid bare. Yes, I would probably ruin my life by going after someone who hurt my child.

Any rate, sweet 16 year old girl did NOT go to nightclub in bad part of town with friends and did NOT complain about it after than conversation...


Victim of Craft-Induced ADD said...

Awww, that's the cutest!! Don't you just love it when they say things like that? The affirmation that yes, you're doing something right? Sebastian's always making some off the wall comment about how I love him. Like if I call him a fool (joking of course), he'll say "MOM!!! I thought you loved me!!".

Ms. Bar B: said...

"Oh, like the way you'd give away your eyes for me and daddy and Jordan because, we're so important to you?!"

This tells me that your children feel loved enough, lol.

Thanks for the kind comments on my post.

Anonymous said...

If you insist! It feels good to feel love; but it's awe inspiring when we realize our love is realized and appreciated! Thanks for sharing. PLL, CordieB.

fly tie said...

yeah. i've gotten better about putting my expressions of love out there. i grew up in a family where it's mostly just "understood."

and i agree with cordieb.

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