Saturday, September 27, 2008


Few things excite me more than shoes. One can never have too many and, contrary to what Favorite Guy says there is no such thing as too expensive when it comes to your happiness. Growth and lifestyle changes (ahimsa and aparigraha) have certainly put a cap on my unlimited and excessive shoe hoarding, but the love is still going strong.

I knew to choose just 10 pairs would be way too challenging, so I went with the 10 pairs most recently worn. Plus, they were the boxes I could get to without clearing the chair of my favorite but un-hung jeans and tops! Here are some brief intros. I guess if you click on my dandy collage, you can zoom in on the glory!

Top left: Puma Anjan in green and blue-I bought a pair for myself and my girlfriend because they matched my favorite green, $5.00 clearance sweater and they're St. Patrick's Day chic! BCBG Girls barely there black leather sandals-these are my sexy shoes. I love the way they look against my skin and unpolished (I hate nail polish.) toenails. Freedom black leather boots with contrast stitching-these make me feel like an ass-kicker, they're my power boots. Kate Spade polka dot slides-I don't even wear red, but I love these. Did I mention that shoes are not required to match in my style book? Well, they're not-they can stand alone! Saga shoes black platform bumper toe Maryjanes-these are my "I'm a mom, but I'm funky" shoes. Anthropologie patchwork clogs with wooden heel-these are probably the shoes that speak most to who I am. Earthy, girlie, organic, just a little left of center and fabulous! Birkenstock forest stripes-they go well with beer and patchouli, no other rhyme or reason for the purchase. Nike ACG in cranberry, taupe and navy-these are classy sneakers, no? J.Crew cut-out leather pumps with contrast stitching and a wooden heel-I just love these, they are comfortable too. J.Crew wine with contrast stitching and ankle strap-these shoes make me wish I liked Ports and pretty flame engulfed desserts, but alas they go just as well with Diet Coke and nachos!

There you have my Top...(well, bottom shelf) Top 10 shoes! Thanks for inspiring me to do this Renee! You guys know the drill, if you do it, link up. I want to see. Peace.


Mary-Laure said...

What gal doesn't love shoes? Sigh...

High Desert Diva said...

I think I'm having shoe envy here....

fly tie said...

i'm with can certainly stand on their own as far as i'm concerned.

and how 'bout, "i'm a mom *and* i'm funky." :-D

I've gotta get me some of those boots.

Mekhismom said...

Girl those shoes are hot! And you wear your shoes. Sadly mine stay in my closet. But I suppose if my closet looked like yours I would be wearing my shoes too! Thanks for playing along styling mommy!

Jewelry Rockstar said...

What is it about shoes, just love love love them. Yours are great. Like those black boots.

shiborigirl said...

I'm crazy in love with those stripey birkenstocks! I used to have 2 pairs of shoes: dress pumps and sneakers.

Then I got in touch with my inner girl and went crazy. My favorite store now is DSW. :)

And I agree - shoes need not match.


Golden~1 said...


I am all about shoes. I give them away each week. By the by, I am loving your blog. Really new out here and learning alot.



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