Thursday, September 18, 2008

Across the Universe 2007

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Thought provoking, thoroughly entertaining, gut wrenching and delightfully whimsical. Huh? Yes! I can't recall the last time a film took me through so many thoughts and emotions in such a short period of time. 2 hours and 13 minutes sans subtitles (couldn't find the remote) and every line, music number and syncopated dance routine resonated more deeply than the one preceding. Perhaps it is the timing, perhaps it's just the times.

Across the Universe is a made for film musical centered around the lives of two young lovers; one wealthy American girl falls for one sexy working class Brit. Romance, Vietnam, 60's war protests, riots, race, activism, art, NYC sub-culture and the Beatle's songbook. Heavenly. Anymore, and I'd totally spoil it for you. Like a good book, the simplicity of the themes and characters adds to the breadth and complexity of how it is received by viewers.

Not since La Mama Morta (Philadelphia) and Seasons of Love (Rent) have I been so deeply moved in 3.5 minutes as Carol Woods' gospel version of Let It Be and , NYC's erm...not so finest do an exceptionally well executed and choreographed cover of Come Together. Great film, great soundtrack, no big name Hollywood stars-always a plus for me, they're so overrated. See it, let me know what you think. It's available on Netflix. Already seen it? What did you think? What exceptional films have you seen lately?

Go forward all of my Indie film reviews can be found on The Buzz. Be sure and check it out from time to time as Favorite Guy and I plant our heels more deeply in this Indie revolution. Peace.


erinberry said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I'll have to check it out.

While I didn't grow up wealthy, I'm an American from a solidly middle class background, and I married a very working class Brit :)

High Desert Diva said...

I haven't seen this yet...but what a recommendation!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u write plays too folk?

T.Allen-Mercado said...

No Torrance, but I'm a discerning critic! :P

Rosebud Collection said...

Sounds good..I hate to say it..I usually don't watch much of anything..t.v., movies..always want to, but never do.

Em K DUB said...

I was thinking I needed to be high on something to get this movie, it was a little rough for me, but that's because I'm not nearly as deep as you I'm sure! Although I agree the gospelized version of Let it Be gave me chills, I downloaded that and listen to it regularly! That was my favorite part of the movie. I don't know if I was expecting more out of it, but overall I was a little disappointed, maybe I'll watch it again, just to make sure!

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