Saturday, April 26, 2008

Today has been an oatmeal kind of day. Oatmeal being my description for anything that lacks any particular level of interest. Just a neutral day for me today, I guess those are okay, and even good for you sometimes.

Of course I'm multi-crafting again. My thumb is still fairly sensitive, but I'm pushing the envelope so I can finish my lotus collage and move on to the next venture with my NEW! goodies. I've also been spying on a kiln recently...I'll need to cut my Paypal card up and limit myself to shop listing only in order to stash away enough Pretty in Peace profits to buy it for myself, so I added it to my birthday wish list. Yep, you guessed; Mother's Day is already filled.

I did something cool today! I donated a piece of Pretty in Peace jewelry to Project Cat. This Etsian run project to help the aptly titled Itteh Bitteh Kitteh Committeh is of special personal interest to me as the not particularly wealthy mother of two rescue kitties. My children, Anju and Biju are as much a part of my family as Monsieur beau and the children that share my deoxynucleic acid. ( I just felt like being pretentious...bare with me I told you I've been bored all day) Anyway, my gorgeous felines probably would have ended up as feral strays had we not rescued them, fixed them up and taught them some indoor kittiequette. There may not be a home for all of these lovelies, but I'm happy to have a small part in minimizing the homeless pet issue. If you are interested in donating a piece of work, please contact

The Arizona summer is here, not full boiling, bubbling skin throttle yet, but close enough. I went out back to take the recycling and upon opening the door felt that backdraft-esque breeze of hot air! It's definitely time to get a routine work-out schedule going, hair and skin is enough of a burden in this heat without extra butt cheek slowing me down. I downloaded a bunch of songs for my walk, some old, some new; genres are all over the place! Seriously, the song immediately following Talib Kweli and Mos Def's What's Beef on my MP3 is Bubbly by Colbie Caillat...sometimes I have to laugh at myself.

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