Sunday, April 13, 2008

Is it Sunday already?! I guess it is, huh? I'm not quite ready to start another week, I think I'll need a do-over. Thinks which day of this past week I'd like to repeat...

I've opted to teach throughout the entire year, so the 'end of school' pressure is off. It just doesn't seem sensible to me that I'd allow the kids to vacation for an entire Arizona summer. What are they going to do besides damage their skin and perhaps suffer a heat stroke. I never quite understood summer vacations. Don't throw rocks teachers, of course you all probably need a few months to gather your senses before the next group of ornery children arrive, but since agriculture is not a big part of most families lives these days I think the idea should be revisited. I'm not quite certain what we'd do if we had Monday to Friday 9-5 type jobs. What do other families do? Day Camp? Babysitters? Honestly, I'd like to hear what others do.

Speaking of...well now what do I want to segue into ornery children and the F word documentary Joe and I watched last night or ornery children and childhood memories? Eh, we'll go with Fuck-I like that word. So, we watched Fuck last night. It is a documentary about the history, uses and attempts to censor the ubiquitous F bomb. As a staunch proponent of the F word, I had to wonder if my favorite guy was prompted to add this flick to his queue after one of my many tirades. Joe isn't much of a profanities hurler, I guess we complement each other there. Snicker.

Myths dispelled, it is not an acronym for anything pertaining to the king and fornication. I'm relieved since I had never heard such nonsense. From what I could glean from the innumerable figures interviewed, ranging from Pat Boone to Chuck D with the likes of Bill Maher and Janeane Garofalo in between-most agree that it is cathartic. I for one, upon discovering just how wonderful it feels to say-must agree. And, well even the grammatically challenged can get away with it since it fits neatly into so many parts of speech. No, I will not list examples although I know you'd like that.

The irony, Here is where I piss off theologians conservatives and other tightly wound individuals. I found was in the perceptions and prejudice something as simple as language invokes. Raised, well maybe not raised but groomed by liberals, the use of the F word doesn't necessarily shape my opinion of one's level of education, class or culture. It is more the way they use the surrounding language. In fact, I find it awful ignorant to suppress any form of expression, it'll just give you a stomach ache in the end. Who are you really kidding when you say "flippin'"? And, if you're really passionate about the topic-"flippin'" is hardly colorful enough to drive your point. But, that's just my opinion.
When used properly, profanity can be as entertaining, eloquent and inspirational as any other host of SAT prep-like language. I don't vote, but I might have to slip my flip flops on and head down to the local high school if I heard any electoral candidates say, "Fuck the war!" Or, upon reading yet another educational funding cutback proposal-exclaim, "You have got to be fucking kidding me" How about, "Are you fucking insane?" See, now that would get my attention and maybe even my vote as opposed to all of the frilly, frou-frou bullshit talk. And well, I haven't a clue what Bush is talking about without the use of expletives, so that's a whole other rant.

All in all we enjoyed the film, we glared over at each other occasionally as familiar views were expressed by commentators; mine reflecting more of a Bill Maher perspective while Joe's leaned a little right of that-not directly with Mr. Boone, but closer than I'll ever get! I took one poignant thought from it, and I take the US Constitution with a Utah sized grain of salt. I must say, all in all, to the thought of amending and revoking constitutional rights, "Start with the second one people, fuck you has never killed anyone." Peace.

Oops, probably not a good Sunday topic, huh? Oh well, I guess we're off to an awesome fucking week. Winks.

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