Wednesday, April 2, 2008


It's April already! I try to take on something new every April. Why? Well, because everyone else does it in January and has flopped by April! Seriously, no more no less. I'd been giving it much thought as March was drawing to a close and also listening to my inner voice and taking queues from the universe. It looks like I will focus on my 3rd chakra this year.

My core is weak, my stomach is soft I'm nervous and a bit depressed. Funny how not too long ago on a whim I decided to reupholster the dining room chairs in yellow! My spirit is screaming for balance!

In a moment of housewife driven insanity, I made one of those (in rote TV salesperson tone)"If you purchase within the next 10 minutes we'll give you 100 FREE! items for just the cost of shipping a car overseas" deals. This is not my first purchase, I also have a Cat see-saw also known as a Lateral Thigh Trainer. But this I just may use. It's 10 minutes that I can spare before yoga and hitting the Etsy fora with my piping hot cup of Joe.

I've come to the realization that I am most diligent in my yoga practice and overall exercise routine if I begin before I am lucid enough to indulge in a donut and e-mail. And well...after, as my muscles are shaking, I am reminded that it is the fault of e-mail, Etsy and the donuts that I must exercise and I forgo the donut part of it, at least until the afternoon!

Well there you have it, my April Pledge "I shall strengthen my solar plexus daily before I engage in carbs and cantankery" (That is Tameka for cantankerous behaviour) . I shall post my progress. I can't promise any regularity of the postings. I may work on becoming a more consistent blogger next April. I don't want to outdo myself ya dig? Smiles

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