Saturday, April 12, 2008

My 100th Post!

My 100th post! Fireworks glare, throws confetti and dances like little old dude on the Six Flags commercial. Granted, as long as I've been at this I should have twice as many posts, but hey-100 is an admirable number!

I wanted to do it big, you know an over dramatized centennial event, but if I lollipop too long, I'll never get it done. Oh the pressure! So...deep breath, since much of my life is centered around well... self-centered, I've decided much like that other self-centered, albeit much wealthier Black woman- to highlight some of my favorite things.

I'm going to call it, The Tea List. Original, yes? If you've been paying attention, you know that I am "Tea". If you are privileged enough to be featured, you know to expect great things. As I understand it, all quasi-Kool-Aid connoisseurs buy whatever that other Black woman recommends. So, let's see. Winks.


The Tea List


Disclaimer: I have yet to attain "Queen of the Kool-Aid Clan" status, so some of the items featured here have yet to be purchased, but only because I haven't read The Secret and focused on plentiful Paypal funds. I do however trust my gut and well, you should too...

The Purse

This grey tote with navy/white striped interior is a Spring/Summer staple large enough for cell phones, atomisers... and, whatever other random gadgets folks that actually leave the house would carry. This design by fellow Etsian Emma Pardos of Barcelona is available on Etsy for under $40.00 USD.

The Read

Okay, I haven't read this poetry chapbook yet but, who can't relate to The Animal Husband? Besides, who carries cool bags and reads Danielle Steele?! C'est vrai ?! So go check your Paypal balance and head to Etsy where you can purchase this ZNE by Christine Hamm for less than the price of an "Irregular" poly cotton blend t-shirt! Limited Editions available from Wicked Pen.

The Drink

Favorite guy and I ventured into the forbidden land of BevMo last week when unbridled inebriation was possible as Puberty Man was on Spring holiday in NYC. We canvassed the aisles for a bit, I won. We left with the ultimate; Leinenkugel's Explorer Pack. There is a taste in here for just about everyone...or at least everyone that drinks beer, like no not for the kids, mmk? Good. Joe's fave is the Summer Shandy it has hints of lemony goodness, and...I like all the others, but I'm partial to the Honey Wheat. See my Flickr! for the full review.

For The Home

A bit confusing, but try and follow. I love party planning. I don't necessarily love party go-ers or even parties, but all of the planning, cooking, decorating and independent creative work that goes into it makes me high! This July 12th, I'll be 35 and yes, I'm already planning...these coasters by Etsy artist Briana Taylor are a true conversation piece (I just hope they talk amongst themselves and leave me out of it) Laughs. I bought them all, but have a look in her shop for equally awesome housewares.

For The Body

As many of you are aware, I'm a 'not so dirty hippie'. Patchouli is a big part of my daily routine, for its mood lifting properties, woodsy musk and, overall symbol of the official leftist liberal scum status quo. Dennis Anderson (yeah, he's on Etsy too) makes a great Patchouli soap. I don't have a pic because I used it all, it was just that good!

The Philosophy

It's been nearly a year since I left the Evil Blue Octagon to simplify my life and regain my sanity. It's been over a year since I swore off the purchase and usage of leather goods or any animal 'by products'. Pretty In Peace was born of a desire to simplify my life and purify my thoughts. Corporate America can make for many an impure thought and action. Well here I am, in all of my self employed Indie goodness. I purchased this piece of jewelry from yet another Etsian to celebrate this milestone on my journey. This Pure and Simple anatomically correct heart pendant is available at in limited quantities.

The Tchatchke -As a Native NYer (Queens) I reserve the right to define tchatchkes as object d'arts.

I'm all about aesthetics. I am happiest when surrounded by items that please my senses. That said, I try not to overdo it. "Shut up Joe!" He compares me to his aunt that lives in Tchatchke land with crochet throws everywhere. But, every now and then I'm struck by just the right addition to my cozy little biome called home. Bonnie B. Pottery makes such an item. A cupcake consuming turtle-have you ever?! And, she bakes some decadent looking kick your ass chocolate chip cookies too!

The Discovery

ACEOs Art cards editions and originals. I'm hooked. Over all else, my dad stressed the importance of education; specifically art and literature.I've done pretty well in the literary department, but until I found the ACEO it seemed highly unlikely I'd have an art collection anywhere near the size of my library. Not anymore. I started collecting these 3.5x2.5 works at the beginning of the year and every new piece and artist has been as exciting as the first. I'm currently hooked on Etsy artist Justin Potts. There's an innocence, a depth and, a whimsical feel in his work that elevates me, like a visit with a childhood friend. Here is a pic of my latest purchase, it is my 3rd piece by Justin.

The Future

Meh... perhaps, the masses aren't running fervently to purchase my list of coveted keepsakes, I can live with that. I don't know that I possess all of the chameleonesque "qualities" needed to secure a spot in the world of Kool Aid dreams, but I will keep doing what makes me happy and keeps me sane, and if you're still reading-I'm not doing too bad. Smiles. Peace!


bonnie said...

you are funny.
thank you for including my
turtle with cupcake rattle~
the fame has already gone to her head.

great list ~ congrats on 100th post!

Hyla Waldron said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! And I really Loved your list!


Looneybird Moonmaiden said...

Thanks my darlings!

High Desert Diva said...

Congrats on your 100th post. Very fun list of Must Haves.

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