Monday, April 7, 2008

A random musing...

Seven whole nights
I'm just about thru
I can't take it, won't take it
Can't take it no more
I had about enough of you
I'd rather be on my own

Yes on my own~ Toni Braxton

Day One of my 7 Day Fora Silence:

It's early yet, 7:30 to be exact. I've answered a few customer inquiries ordered some supplies and I'm feeling good. I've probably mentioned in previous posts that I worked for the Evil Blue Octagon before emancipating myself and reclaiming my sanity. I confess, much of it is my inability to play nice with others, but the others must also assume responsibility for a general lack of good sense. More and more, Etsy has been feeling like work as opposed to business. I knew it was time to tighten the reigns.

I find it has been too easy to sort and batch some community members into stereotypical co-workers and, that is last thing I need in the comforts of my dining room in torn yoga pants. Joe is so great about being the disciplined business man, none of our label contacts or partners have ever annoyed him to the point of rapid keystrokes, I on the other hand have been quite ruffled on more than one occasion.

Just as well, I have some NEW! designs floating around, letters to write and I can definitely stand a more comprehensive Flickr account. No, I haven't forgotten solar plexus lovin', so that too. Until later...

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