Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day Three and some of 4 and 5...

I have certainly gotten used to this. I can't believe how much of a time warp the fora were. I still haven't fully maximized my free time, but I actually have free time-which is a start.

I've gotten much of my current inventory up on my Flickr! account and will slowly begin integrating the older designs-just for shits and giggles really, because I have no intentions on duplicating them...not even the more popular items. I'm feeling a jewelry designing hiatus coming on. My initial thought was that I'd make a few paper goods, but now I'm not so sure. I may just need some brooding intellectual time. Winks. Did you know that dolphins aren't all that flippin' friendly? Good stuff to read about, you'll rethink that trip to Seaworld!
Who knows, but I'm certainly staying out of the public (fora) eye for a while. I'm looking at a 30 day reprieve, perhaps. I've got to get a handle on some internal stuff before I head back out there in the word wide webs.
It's been a gradual process. While I've been present, there've been a few topics that I've put on my mental list without sharing my thoughts publicly-namely activism and altruism. They are definitely stirring up much thought, not enough to write about just yet...but I feel it percolating.
Other random happenings...Nate was here! Right here in AZ. Joe, Yael and I met with my friend Nathan for a short spell on Monday. It was bittersweet...I connect with so few people that leaving him there at his hotel felt so final and somber. Blows raspberry. I have a handful of super duper people in my life...they are a handful and they are like my right hand. We're all at that weird phase now, with child-rearing and careers there isn't a whole lot of time for folly. It was really nice to see him again, nevertheless. It has prompted me to focus on doing little things that make me smile, like taking photos of my favorite shoes or tees or foods! Yes, be afraid, be very afraid!

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Kilkennycat said...

Just thought I'd pop on by to see what you're up to! I hear you about a break. Though I already took my break from online stuffs. It was a breath of fresh air though. =)

Hope you and your family are doing super.

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