Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Necessity is...

The Mother of Invention

Introducing Tameka's Not Quite Twitter; all of the brevity none of the social networking!

-The Lifetime Fitness brand thigh abductor is a weapon of ass destruction. Winces, shifts position and wishes I had the extra asses today.

-I'm so bummed about Anoop Desai. But, I'm not removing him from my Top 12 until both Wild Card spots have been filled.

-Will someone tell me how to access strike through font option, please?

-Deaf cats can't hear no matter how many expletives you use in an attempt to keep them from swatting your beads off the table and onto the carpet.

-The colorful collage project-remember that? I killed it. The canvas is ecru and I'm back to square one. I'm having trouble channeling my inner-Picasso.

-I'm so looking forward to vacation, just 3 more laundry-filled, homeschooling, cat box scooping days.

-Pretty in Peace and its anti-social networking site owner are on Facebook, come see us.

What does your Not Quite Twitter say?

That felt good, Peace


fly tie said...

my twitter...

in the morning, when i'm sluggish and grumpy, i'll regret tonight's indulgence in 75% off valentines candy from walgreens. :-/

re: facebook...couldn't figure out how to become a fan with my "fly tie" account so i just became one as regular old me with my regular old profile there.

fly tie said...

my *not quite* twitter, i mean.

Kathy said...

Wonderful list! I tried twitter and just can't seem to do it. If I say something on there, I expect someone to answer me and often times no one does!

It snowed last night and I hate snow and I hate winter!

I will write on my blog about underwear tonight even though Irv thinks it's ridiculous! It is, but so am I so who gives a rats a--

Idol is confusing me this season. So one group will actually get 3 weeks to prepare and one group got one week......hmmmmm....and how did they make those groups anyway? Could lose some great singers like Anoop. Very disappointing.

Miss my cats, but not the "box"

That's enough...for now!

Beck said...

< strike > words < / strike >
(I think!)

YES! I wanted ANOOP! I really hope he's one of the Wild Cards.

High Desert Diva said...

Let me know if you figure out the word strike thing.

I'm now a fan of PnP, but the 'owner' hyperlink to me to my Facebook homepage....weird.

Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

I have decided twitter sounds like it is for the birds....figuratively and literally. ; )

Enjoy your vacation! I am planning on indulging in walking...not such a wonderful undertaking in zippy, zoomy Northern Virginia, but terrific in small "city" Sarasota!

Caroline D. said...

I died laughing at your comment on my blog about my mom crush! I will drink tea with you any day!

ps please let me know if you get info on the strikethrough thingy- i've been wondering for a while now...

Ms. Bar B: said...

My "Not Quite Twitter"

- Sitting on campus wasting precious study seconds/minutes/hours doing all things unrelated to academia.

- I really need to go ahead and buy myself a new bra so that my shoulders and back can be brown again.

- I didn't anticipate graduation being so expensive! I wonder if I can rent a "cap" for Miss J to wear to my ceremonies?

- I have successfully succeeded in making my natural love handles appear to be not-so-natural

Bless you on the whole facebook thing. I have been trying desperately to resist joining, which is extremely hard since my classes sometimes create facebook groups. I'm holding strong... I will NOT be worn down, lol.

Angela said...

I am disappointed about Anoop too! He is really good. He is better than the rugged guy or whatever he is marketed as. I am hoping he gets a wild card.

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Yeah, I simply cannot Twitter if my life depended on it. Not interested, not interested.....

As for Facebook, I finally posted some photos to connect with long lost relatives in England - that was cool:)

Lisa B. said...

When you find out about the strike thru...pass it along. I've been wondering the same myself.

I actually am twittering...but no ones listening:)

Annie Pazoo said...

T, you crack me up. My Not Quite Twitter will say I'm looking for the pieces to put myself together.

Eb the Celeb said...

love the "not quite twitter" theme

Sherry Goodloe said...

I was pulling for Anoop as well! I also liked that guy that was the friend of the guy that got through whose wife died and he and the guy that didn't win were friends. Don't remember his name?????

As for Twitter? Well, I'm on Facebook, and can't even tell you why I even joined! There's too much going on in there for me. People send me trees and other things to plant in a field that I didn't even know I had, suggesting friends for me to link to that I don't even know, join groups I have no interest in, and the list goes on *sigh*

Strike through font option? Beats me, but would like to know.

Vacation? End of April, and it can't come soon enough!

Art? I just repainted 2 canvases as well! I haven't liked anything I've been working on lately *sigh*

I'm giving stuff away in my etsy shop though. Well, almost giving it away. I'm having a $5 sale this evening

Back to watching mindless television until I get up the energy to do something productive.

Love, Peace and Hair Grease

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