Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Fun in Dysfunction

Our summer spectacular is about to begin and I physically feel like it's happened already! Perhaps, it's old age but, then again 115 degree temperatures don't exactly make for a most energetic Pitta. But, that doesn't stop Yael!

She'll be nine on Sunday; giggly girl hi-jinks and cupcake consumption will take place on Saturday evening, pictures to follow. Overall, this year has flown by with just a few days that were seemingly exponentially longer than others. Like the day she noticed I had two asses and just recently, a banner day as she, rather flabbergasted, noted her awe at my ass's ability to fit into a bikini. This just seconds before stating, "How cute..." she thought it was that, "Daddy (my follicle-challenged favorite guy) uses shampoo!"

So yeah, we'll be taking our annual road trip immediately following on Sunday morning. Complete, with our uber observant and exceedingly loquacious newly nine year old, and Puberty man accompanied by his rather large collection of some of the most cacophonous material coined music that the free world has ever heard. I'll be riding shot-gun with Itinerary Man aka Trip Fascist, aka the favorite guy. We actually bode fairly well until a map reading request is made or worse, as he assigns street sign reading duty and, requests ample turn notice while (This is the kicker...) driving at Nascar-esque speeds. Familial bliss. No, seriously it all actually ends well every year. How? I don't know, it just does.

If you don't see much of my magical musings, no worries I'm here in spirit and more comedy is imminent if you just believe.


Anonymous said...

The trip sounds fun? Especially fascist itinerary man.... grew up with one of those. Always good to keep your humor :O)

She's a Crafty Bitch said...

If you have 2 asses, I must have like 6. At least. Hey, I feel your pain. I still remember (vividly) a couple years ago when I was taking a bath and Bethany walked in and said "Mommy, your boobs look sad".

BlossomingTree said...

She's a lovely young lady. Abd FWIW, I'm in the two ass group too lol.

BlossomingTree said...


typing too fast for my own skill level. :)

Favorite Guy said...

Turn left now !! Left dammit !

xoxo fascist itinerary man :)

High Desert Diva said...

Oy...I know a fascist itinerary man, too.

Have fun anyway!

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