Saturday, June 28, 2008

Politics and Candy Sticks

I guess I was about 6-I'll safely estimate somewhere between 6 and 9, when I wanted to be President of the United States. Anytime after that I just wanted to be married. Yes, I wanted to be Mrs. Sodapop Curtis. Glad that never worked out, he's gotten kinda weird in his old age.

Anyway I bring this up in light of all of the politics lately, it's everywhere. People are talking, reading, writing, blogging, breathing politics and between us in here, I don't care much for plebeian politics. Sure it's important to be aware, abreast and in the know-and I completely understand this but generally speaking, I'm fairly apathetic about the whole election, the policies et al.

I've always been rather upfront about my stance as a philosophical anarchist and all around apolitical tofu totin' nouveau Hippie but since the Clinton/Obama campaign even moreso. With the precedence, press coverage and pining over the possibility of black and/or female leadership all of the trolls are coming up from under the bridge. What is taking place here is a battle of bigotry, bible babble and BC belief systems. The whole concept of leadership, and the welfare of the people and its governing bodies has fallen by the wayside.

Between the ages of 6 and 9 you're full of blissful ignorance, joie de vivre. Suffice it to say becoming the US President and actually making a successful run of it is a piece of cake. In Lego Land everyone cooperates and the biggest national threat you face is not picking up all of those perilous pedi-puncturing pieces. Popsicles replace pedophiles, gum in bed laws are the 2nd amendment. And there is no black or white, we're all just friends. Yes, I grew up and out in the years before Columbine and Jena 6.

I guess you see where this is going. Cake is high in saturated fat and some other delicious poly-something-or-other that'll make you pigeon-toed or blind according to the FDA. The country is at war and has been since my size 1 low rise Gap jeans fit. Pedophiles, capital punishment and gun laws are family breakfast nook banter and the nation is divided over whether or not to willfully receive or revile a presidential candidate based on sex and/or skin color? (Of course all the mitigating factors are filed behind B for Bill's wife or Black guy) People who would not be fit to serve on a pedophiles' jury are voting in this election, and they're coming out in droves. Shakes head.

This is the one area of my life I refuse to complicate by obsessively overthinking. I am a wise woman and seldom offer criticism without construct, but this time, "I got nothing". Passes Stick Candy, keeps the red one for myself. Change is the only constant, whether we like it or not. Dips candy stick in glass of iced water. Come on, don't tell me you've never done it. Hey, what color is your tongue?


BlossomingTree said...

Yet another great post.:) I'm kind of feeling the same way. Too much emphasis on race & gender, and the real issues are pushed aside.

I had to laugh at this those perilous pedi-puncturing pieces. All too familiar. sigh

mary jane said...

ha ha.. he HAS gotten strange..

getting involved in politics is SUCH a double edged sword. if we don't get involved, we get stuck with some regime we don't stand behind but are a constituent of...
if we DO take a stand, we are horribly frustrated by the burocricy and "checks and balances"
put in place to protect us...

T.Allen-Mercado said...

tis true maryjane but making an ultimately life impacting decision based on 'the lesser of two evils' is a constituency as well. meh-here have some candy.*wink*

fly tie said...

"...but generally speaking, I'm fairly apathetic about the whole election, the policies et al."


i've never done the candy stick in water thing, but i've been known to stick a candy stick inside a pickle in my day. now that was good eatin'. :-)

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