Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shutter Click & Chat 2/15

Something Sweet

The loquacious lassie and I baked up two dozen of these for the playground peer group. None for the punks-actually, they weren't there or I would've fed 'em, it's in the grown-ups handbook! I ate three and washed them down with six beers. I hope they invite me to a game of tag, I sure could use it! How about you, what's sweet in your life today?

Next week, I will be in Flagstaff, Arizona playing in the snow, which really means snapping photos of others playing in the snow. The theme however, will not be the white stuff, I've heard the word about town is "ix-nay on the ow-snay", so show me something, someone, somewhere HOT!

Shutter Click & Chat 2/22: HOT; Bring on the heat!


fly tie said...

mmm..sugar. it's been heavy on my mind lately.

*booo* on having to share with the bullies if they'd been there. but i know. decency and all that.

my creativity or plain ol' ability to come up with something failed me this week, but i know i can do hot for next week!

High Desert Diva said...

Mmmm....makes my teeth ache just lookin' at it....I could have snarfed down 3 easily.

We have more snow today...I'm looking forward to next week's HOT theme!

Ms. Bar B: said...

That look delicious. Most things with sprinkles are =).
Glad to hear you enjoyed the day.

Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

mmm....I will be in Sarasota, FL, my second home and probable first home of the heart. So I will be happy to show you something hot!

Yummy looking cupcake...but really THREE with BEER?!?**%!

Shannon said...

THOSE look oh so SWEET!! I like your Shutter Click and Chat idea! I think I'm in maybe forever!! :)

smithfamily said...

Gosh that looks yummy!!!!

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