Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love: A Meme

Vintage Brass Cats found here. I bought 'em!

I found this three question meme at the blog of lovely and talented Kala Pohl.

How many times have you fallen in love?

Once, it was magical and then, we fell out of love and, it was at once tragic and triumphant. We learned that loving is a commitment to choose love as a way of life, not a happy accident. We've since reached a remarkable place in the depth and breadth of love, emotionally, physically and spiritually; love of ourselves, each other and others.

If you could only pick one - do you marry someone you love madly or someone who loves you madly?

While I'm tempted to go with the former, experience has taught me to steer clear of any and all madness as it pertains to love. (See above: tragic) Laughs.

If you truly love someone, do you think it should be unconditional?

Yes, but I also think humidity percentages should yield on good hair days, beer and chocolate should be calorie-free and, all creative ideas should easily manifest themselves into beautiful pieces of work. In love I strive to be unconditional in my acceptance of the perfectly imperfect but, I'm carbon-based, and know how that story goes.

How about you?

Peace and love...


Sugar said...

My husband and I have been through the wringer! Most of it has been mutual madness. We were both living in unhealthy ways when we met. Once we had to be responsible, it was fight AND flight. Now, after so many tears and even a year of separation, we are coming to understand that our love is for each other is strong and it is not conditional. We are kinder and more gracious with ourselve and each other. I'm so glad we didn't just throw it all away.

lori vliegen said...

i still chuckling over your answer to #3...which, by the way, i totally agree with!! and, congrats on your new vintage cute! :)

fly tie said...

the cats are nice. you always seem to find the best little cutesy items.

hmmm, love. i do so deeply and passionately. doesn't take me long to fall, but as i've always been a good judge of character right from the jump, it's always been with some of the most outstanding people (as far as i'm concerned anyway). when i'm in it, i give it my all. once i'm done, i'm done.

it's so wonderful in all of its forms, but when it causes pain, i feel it to the core.

haven't really come to a conclusion where the whole conditional/unconditional thing is concerned...

High Desert Diva said...

Oh...the last answer...perfect

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

well its hard for me i give my all or nothing

love the cats = egyptianesque

joanofalltrades said...

1. once
2. I have to cheat. I can't answer this one.
3. yes

Emily said...

Two things. . . I loved what you said about loving unconditionally, I couldn't agree more, and Remember how you stole my top 12 and now it's gonna look like I copied if I post mine on my blog. . . P.S. how upset are you that Danny, Anoop, and that adorable roughneck guy are all performing on the same night! I don't love this years format at all. . .oh well I guess there's always the wild card round! Oh and also in a perfect world Norman Gentle would be in the top ten, but I think we all know that could be wishful thinking. I seriously love that guy though!

Ms. Bar B: said...

Amen to your answer for the third question =).

Being "in-love" for me has been bittersweet so I try to keep it at just "love', lol. On the other hand, there is ONE person that I am completely and deeply in love with and whom I love unconditionally... my daughter =)

Jennifer said...

I've never known a love that didn't hurt. I've never had a love that I regretted. I've never had a love that was conditional, although, I have had a relationship that was. Tea and Honey Bread: I hope you have a wonderful, humidity free Valentine's Day!

Libby Buttons said...

Oh ditto on your thoughts! Love is often a chore that must be done. All I ask is someone who is willing to do their share of the chores.

Sandra Dodd said...

This is one sweet statement!:
-=-We learned that loving is a commitment to choose love as a way of life, not a happy accident.-=-

That's really wonderful.

Thanks for playing on the lyrics game! I have this other, more obscure music blog (mostly music) and it's about what "in love" might be (physically), judging by literary and lyrical clues.

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