Thursday, September 30, 2010

Squeal! It's almost here...

It's costume making time again!

I picked up the SPECIAL! Halloween issue of Martha Stewart Living for inspiration. Whilst I love me some Martha, a few of the costume ideas in here are going to cost an uncrafty, impatient person their very last drop of good sense. Being afflicted with at least one of the aforementioned, I've opted to go glue gun versus shot gun. Regular readers know the sewing machine and I have a tenuous relationship, at best. I need some FlyTie 101, or whatever the remedial course numbers start with.

We-as in the Favorite Guy and I, are stepping out on the town this 31st, so my costume has to not only be fool-proof, but lagered-up-fool-on-the-dancefloor-proof, as well. Y'all ready for this?!

In other harvest news, the orange storage containers made their way in from the hotter than hell garage today and the cats are all about it. Biju is the resident bad ass. The other two aren't in the shot, but they're waiting nearby to get in on the pilfering.

I'm just trying to get over the fact that it's STILL over 100 degrees here in the valley. It's quite likely the buckets will remain full over the next couple of days, maybe even a week or more until it is cool enough to decorate outside. Until then, my glue gun is cocked and loaded, and nothing and no one is safe.

Woot! It's almost Halloween!

And you, will you dress up this year?

Peace and zombies


Jewelry Rockstar said...

You are too funny. I am just waiting for the candy bag raid.

Barbara said...

Haha, you go Biju!!! Love it! ::refraining from using baby voice at computer screen like I'm

Tell me about it. Da hell! is up with this weather. I thought it officially became Fall like a week ago! I mean, we have been really cooking her in Cali lately. Not very inspiring to a hat maker. Can't wait to see what the Mercado household will bestow upon us this year!

As for us, Emma is trying to decide between becoming a Vampire or Michael Jackson... I think MJ might get it! I'm still thinking on mine.

Kathy said...

I loved Halloween as a kid, but somewhere along the way to adulthood it became my least favorite holiday. I'm not sure why. My costume is usually a t-shirt that says, "This IS my costume." :)

shiborigirl said...

Wow, that Biju is one talented kitty - does he have opposable thumbs? :D

We might dress up, tho I don't know as what. One year I dressed in a flesh colored leotard and hung condoms on myself (I was a rubber tree!) My costume creativity has taken a dive since that one...


Mrs. K said...

I can hardly wait for the candy too. I promise you I buy my favorite ones just so that I can eat them later because my husband and I are never home. I guess we'll just leave them outside this year just in case. I've never dressed up for Halloween in the past (even as a kiddo) but I might just dress up this year. :p

fly tie said...

aww *blush* :-)

i just love how cats get into/on top of/under/inside every-damn-thing. it's their world.

your holiday posts always maken me happy.

i'm not big on halloween and likely won't dress up, but i was thinking that i just might not take it all so seriously this year and at least find a group of kids to tag along with for the thrill. heck, i might even carve a pumpkin!


(but i've been seriously been wanting to do that since they've started rolling them out in the stores.)

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