Thursday, September 2, 2010

30 Days

" Billie": a one of a kind, statement necklace available [here].

The skinny on Pretty in Peace's first 30 days on Big Cartel short, it's going well. Since opening shop August 1st, my visibility has increased by over 600%. While that has resulted in only one cash sale, I have procured a new retail relationship using the site as my catalog. This arrangement puts me well above my projected revenue for the first month. In fact, my goal for the first month was simply to be able to pay my Big Cartel site fees and re-up on business cards without digging in my already linty pockets. Needless to say, I was able to do that.

Bartering has worked well for me, too. I now have a much needed light box, for those late night photo ops of which I've previously been unable to take advantage. I've also managed some design services, well not so much design, but I have someone who will man the HTML hell portion of the business so I can preserve my sanity for punching numbers and metal. I keep reminding myself that this will get easier and that I will be ready, and "on fire" for the holiday shopping season. Standing alone is quite an experience and comes with its own set of challenges, the biggest being the absence of incidental visibility that a site like Etsy, or some of the other online shopping venues provide.

I've got another 30 days before my investors: The Favorite Guy, Jordan, and Akeem-my younger brother- will need to be repaid. It looks like I'm in a good position to do that, complete with their attractive investment return fees. So, short it's going well. Now, let's see what September will look like.

Peace, art and success


Sherry Goodloe said...

Gorgeous necklace you've created!

E. Fernandez @ Modish Vintage said...

looks lovely!

Barbara said...

Snagging that vendor relationship within the first month is huge. I'm looking forward to going beyond browsing next week =).

fly tie said...

great update! gives me hope...

i've had my eye on that particular necklace since...well, since i laid eyes on it!

shibori girl said...

Yes, YES everyone who sells online should have a light box. Congrats on acquiring one.

Congrats,too, on early success at Big Cartel. I just opened a new shop at Have you heard of it? It's 100% free. I'll let you know how things go - still feeling my way around their site.

Good luck with the shop - I hope they order more stuff from you soon,


Jewelry Rockstar said...

Great for you! It's nice to be away from the pack, but it's also lonely all alone. Using your site as a catalog is sooo smart.

Anonymous said...

I am loving your new site. The pictures are really compelling. I am so excited that you have a vendor relationship. Hopefully it will be the first of many.

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