Friday, September 10, 2010

Lightening Up

Thoughts have been exceptionally heavy in my head lately. It's one of those times when there's so much going on that skimming even a little idle time from the top of the heap puts you way behind in the game. Does that ever happen to you? I suppose it happens to us all.

Normally, this would be a time when I'd curl up with a children's book. I'm not into Sci-Fi and adult contemporary books just can't quite get me to the "there", where I need to be when the "here", is just too much. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time for a book, of the non-text variety.

So, I bought this dude from the clearance bin at the front of the grocery store. Y'know the one that-in conjunction with the candy rack- is largely responsible for the wailing child and equally livid parents in the parking lot? Yep, that would be the one!

All of the fizzing was kinda cool since it wasn't in my glass for a change. I have an easily aggravated Pitta belly. And, I kinda like the little guy, although the one-eyed dude on the package was the one I was vying for. This would have been the moment, uh...30+ years ago when I might have engaged in some histrionics. He goes well with the voodoo doll on my desk, and the process did lighten things up a bit. So, all's well that ends well. Now, back to the grown up stuff.

Peace and priorities


Barbara said...

::thinks she misses having a desk::

Isn't that a cool little figure. Don't think I've ever seen anything like him before. I'll have to stop being in such a rush to ditch the store, lol.

LjWood said...

Too cool my son would love this :)

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