Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lunch Dates, Long Talks, Letters and, Loveliness

Photos by Yael Rose
I finally wore my Gypsy Jennie was draped over the workout shorts with the holey crotch in the previous photo.

I had a lunch date yesterday with the beautiful, incredibly sweet and fun Gina of Urban Adornments and the UA Journey blog. Isn't it exciting to have a neighbor in the blogosphere who also lives in close proximity? I think it's pretty awesome.

We went out for Mexican and chatted it up about motherhood, art, love, life, love lives and the great beyond. All of the simple things that make me feel warm and complete. Our lunch date was a pleasant addition to my routine day partaking in all of the aforementioned alone.

On Tuesday, I received a letter from a wonderful woman, writer, thrift shoppin' zinester friend! A letter, written in ink on paper. Swoon. You guys know how empathic I am, so her energy was literally jumping off the page and I felt so privileged to have someone confide in me with such vulnerability and sincerity although we've never actually met in person or known each other for very long.

I think the Favorite Guy finds it odd, how people are so willing to tell me their secrets, dreams and fears. I just don't think many men have the same kind of relationships with each other that women have with other women and even some men. Okay gender police, put your whistles back in your pockets, I said many NOT all. I happen to enjoy very open and loving relationships with my pocketful of sunshine people, and that includes many of you. By the way, I'm almost up to 200 followers and then we are going to have us a partay!

So tell me, how about you, are your relationships open and loving or do you keep a safety net around your communications, online and in real life?

Peace and pleasantries


Ms. Bar B: said...

Oooo, there it is, and its colorful and pretty. Sounds like a great day was had in the sunshine state. I love letters. I am currently trying to convince the bf that he should write to me more often.

Open and loving over here. I love comfort zones, but I also love to spill my guts.

High Desert Diva said...

Mark is always amazed at the secrets being shared in blogland. I do keep a lid on my emotions (virtually), but in person, with women, I find it very easy to listen and share personal stories.

Thanks for clearing up the real story of the previous photo of this skirt....

A Cuban In London said...

Well, if the gender police come for your, they will have to arrest me, too. I agree that men are not the most effusive of human beings. And that's a deficit in our education. I don't think it is about nature, but nurture.

Good that you had a relaxing time with your friend. The skirt looks great.

Greetings from London.

Jennifer said...

First, you were so beautiful for your lunch! I love that skirt.

I know what you mean about hubs finding these sorts of things odd...people writing you that you haven't met. My hubby just shakes his head, but he's better at face to face, though I don't think too many of his friends are the share-your-heart type. I on the other hand am not so great at face to face.

In the blogsphere I feel a lot more than I express...very typical of me, yet I express more authentically than I do in the *real world*. My most intimate feelings live in the great beyond partially because of my day job and partially because I'm just closed off right now. I started going there a couple of times, but feel like I really have to be protective. I feel a lot of love and appreciation for my e-peeps though.

fly tie said...

gender police, tee hee!

firstly, i adore this post (and the pictures :-)

yeah, i'm kinda on the same page as high desert diva. i hold back more online than i do in person, but in person i have to be pretty comfortable with an individual. i'm pretty secretive (not necessarily on purpose, though) and reserved, but i there are times when i'm willing to share a good bit.

there's nothing like a fulfilling chat session with another woman.

mairedodd said...

making connections with people is critical to my survival... the authentic self desires to reach out and touch other authentic selves...i think the females are a bit more programmed to this as historically we have been the child-rearers, dealing with those who cannot speak, speak their hearts, speak unclearly, and need guidance... which requires listening... that being said, depending upon the person i can be guarded... but that usually has to do with my being very open and having gotten burned by that person in the process... i don't hold out on other people because of it... my walls are person specific... in my blog, i try to touch upon universals... so while they are about me, they are also about others! you know the meyer-briggs test? i am an infj...
so glad you wore that beautiful skirt!!

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