Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An Award


I was beginning to think I'd lost my spark, but I delved (awkward, but grammatically sound) a bit deeper and thought mayhaps it's because I break the nominations chain by offering the award up to everyone who keeps the blogosphere fresh and interesting. Yep, that's probably it, but I'm not going to let that stop me! Without further ado, five things about me:

Many of you may be well aware of at least some of these randomosities if you've been around a while. I'm not really that interesting, I just know a lot of words and interesting combinations thereof . That's going to be number one.

2. I am texture sensitive, even witnessing the consumption of mushy, gooey, gelatinous foods invokes a visceral reaction accompanied by the five-year-old-meets-Brussels-sprouts face. I don't like those either.

3. Men like me. "Well, duh." No, really. I can fix things, I have moments of clear and rational thought, I can appreciate the beauty of a well proportioned WHR and I know beer. My men friends and their friends think I'm some kinda awesome in spite of my insistence that football and boxing is barbarism.

4. I am idiolect obsessed. My favorite people/languages to study are elderly Southerners and New Englanders. No one, and I mean no one serves up idioms like these two groups of people! What do I do with all of this studying, you ask? I incorporate their expressions into my everyday speak with particular emphasis on dirty talk.

5. Finally, dancing: I love dance, dancers and dancing. I don't care what kind of dancing it is, what kind of music is being played if any is being played at all, but the relationship between a dancer and their body, the poetry of movement is absolutely breathtaking, and everyone-like speech, does it differently.

Thanks, Dina of Causerie, for reading and nominating Tea & Honey Bread for the Kreativ Blogger award.



Ms. Bar B: said...

And these are amongst the list of reasons why we are friends =)...

Congrats on your award.

Kathy said...

You rock girl! Congrats on the award!

High Desert Diva said...

Idiolect possessed? Love that.

Congrats on the award. You're right. I haven't see the award thing floating around lately.

fly tie said...

*yay*! you rock.

i'm with you on #5. the art of dance mesmerizes me time after time!

oh and #2. i just thought of a buncha masty looking foods. ick. oh, but brussels sprouts are one of my faves. (only in the last year)

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