Monday, January 25, 2010

The Earth is Not Flat

But, this new earring design is, and that's about all they have in common with this post. Perhaps, that's my recent committment to adding a bit of color to things, yes? Sounds good, let's stick with it.

So, this weekend there was all sorts of testosterone-induced...(think "nice" words, Tameka) happenings at home. This sort of thing makes sensitive me angry and frustrated as hell. I think the only thing worse than testosterone-induced, uh I mean happenings are repeats of the same kind of happenings that were previously swept under the rug!

I'm a big fan of resolution, and an even bigger fan of first time/contact resolution. This is probably most apparent in my dire need for clear and concise communication. This does not happen with some...well, most of the people I come in contact with regularly. This is no fun.

See, the thing with sweeping stuff under the rug is that the rug in this spherical thing called life is at once under and above you; it's omnipresent and the stuff will swallow you if you don't get to it and through it first. Meh, so I just thought I'd share that with you all since no one else will listen!

What's under your rug this fine Tuesday? Looks on sternly. Go on, get to it!

Peace, smiles and a keen display of textbook passive-aggression


Jennifer said...

Shooot, I agree so much. I am a resolver and it gets sticky at times with sweepers. I even find myself in deeper crap sometimes because in trying to resolve one thing I discover another pile of crap that had previously been swept, eww. That being said, I have done a bit of survival sweeping these days...mostly work related.

Shannon said...

Seriously! There is no sense in trying to sweep things under the rug... communication is so much better in the long run! Thanks for this post... I'm off to clean under the rug!

Mary said...

the earrings are great and I so hear you on this first contact resolution thing but I think some of us are just more comfortable confronting issues as they happen.,...good luck!

fly tie said...

i too am one who needs communication to be very clear and to the point. over the past few months there were those in my environment who were indirect communicators, and i couldn't/can't relate to that AT ALL.

trying to sweep things under the rug or just overlook them never worked for me. it would all just really bother my spirit causing me to either break down emotionally or just go completely off on someone who had nothing to do with the fun and not fair!

it trips me out, though, how sometimes we (people in general) can go on exisiting with unresolved issues, going from day to day knowing that there's an urgent need to bring about resolution to some situation but instead we put on facades, and act as though like everything is fine. i mean, this is such a common practice.

well, anyway, i've experienced myself how freeing it is to get it all out, clear everything up, and maybe even make some much needed changes. i prefer that!

shibori girl said...

Definitely... sweep that stuff out. I also believe in dealing with things when they happen and, while he might feel mighty uncomfortable in the moment, I think (hope) my testosterone-laden Honey feels the same.

It will consume you over time if you let it sit under that rug.

Be strong,


Sherry said...

I'm listening and I have a great big broom in my hand!

Glad to see you back.

mairedodd said...

well, it seems the elephant in the middle of the room found refuge under the rug... and wouldn't you know? she went and had babies too... i am all too happy to discuss the obvious, but alas, my desire goes unshared... in my home... so i, in turn, will share with you!!

High Desert Diva said...

"...the rug in this spherical thing called life is at once under and above you; it's omnipresent..."

You are very wise.

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