Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day Three: Inner Beauty

Thunderstorms. All day thunderstorms. All day thunderstorms just after I, the irresponsible gardener watered everything. All day thunderstorms in the desert, unbelievable!

So what does one wear during torrential rains? A sloppy...er, I mean tousled bun, a faded...ahem vintage Jimi Hendrix tee and yoga pants. Where does one go? Why, to the gym, of course. I figured if I can't be pretty today I can get a head start on tomorrow, so I went to the gym, walked a few miles, climbed a few hundred feet and invested in a little inner [thighs] beauty on the weight machines!

I came home and made an incredible pot of cilantro spiced red bean and tomato soup for dinner and then it was time for hair day! We went with large braids because Yael is overdue for a trim and these will be easier to take out in a few days.

What did I want to do in my uber-comfortable ensemble? I wanted to eat cookies in bed with the cats and look at my pile of junk mail (for collage purposes only). But, I mustered up some give a shit and got in a good work out. How've you all been doing?

Peace and perserverance


Ms. Bar B: said...

Oooo, puuurty Yael! I'm hoping to get around to Miss J's at some point this week.

I failed miserably to give a shit today. I let it be "one of those days". Baby didn't get to school, and the day ended after lunchtime with a nap =/. Thank God there is tomorrow.

Margaret said...

Loving the braids. I wanted to eat cookies in bed today too! Haha but I cleaned instead:)

PussDaddy said...

That soup looks great and I loved the braids too.


High Desert Diva said...

Oh hell...now you're going to inspire me to start working out again.

I'm so glad that is Yael in the braid photo and not you. I thought to myself, how in the world can she possibly braid the back of her hair like that? When my hair was long, I could manage one French braid before my arms gave out.

Anonymous said...

I love the braids! So pretty.

I have just been slowly plugging away at the challenges I set for myself. I am having lots of fun which is what matters to me at this point. :)

Jessica Torrant said...

Love the braids! Congrats on the motivation station. Working out isn't in my vocabulary and it really should be!

Beck said...

Her hair looks GORGEOUS! I feel guilty about my oldest daughter's knotted mane.

I figured if I can't be pretty today I can get a head start on tomorrow - that's REALLY inspiring. A new mantra!

shibori girl said...

Oh, I LOVE those beautiful braids! If I didn't have Northern European White-Girl hair, I'd want to do something like that to purdy myself up.

I've been absent here for a while, and didn't catch onto your new "Give A Shit" resolve. I applaud your efforts, and should join you. (I usually wind up wearing my gray sweats and an old sweatshirt since I rarely need to leave the house).

So, tomorrow morning, I promise to "Give a Shit". :)


Dina said...

You are listed on my blog to receive a Kreativ Blogger award. Love your recent thoughts, by the way.

Jennifer said...

Nice job on Yael's hair...it's gorgeous! High five on the work out too :)

I pulled a li'l something together even though I was crazy sleepy. Trying for a good night sleep so I can unload this luggage under my eyes :D

fly tie said...

i always feel so acomplished when i push myself like that. like on those days when i could EASILY not even get out of the bed then i end up not only getting up but also starting and finishing 2-3 projects i'd been putting off.

i always like braids on girls. pretty!

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