Thursday, November 20, 2008

Number 4

"Expound on my yoga practice beyond breath and posture." This was the 4th objective on my now defunct list of 35 things to accomplish before my 36th birthday. I deleted The List blog, I deleted the lists, I accepted this challenge as my last.

This morning, just as I opened my eyes the switch flipped, power on. Make haste, it's time! The thoughts begin to translate from their foggy morning haze and, before the coffee has been poured, the list is written. Firmly tacked into the conscious of a fresh day's thoughts are the self-imposed demands of days' past. They're scrawled alongside those of the day before that. There's no fresh sunrise, just stale air and a heavy spirit.

My days have endings with no beginnings. I need restoration. I need a cleansing breath, a clean slate, an empty list and bright eyes. I need to awaken to a sunrise, an endless sky and an empty page.I deleted my blog because it is yet another measure of a life already in progress; a chart of a path already taken, a path which seems to begin in the middle of a mediocre day.

When I set out to do anything, no matter what it is, I begin at the beginning and I do my best right on through til the end. That is the way I need to live each day, from start to finish; a fresh breath, a sunrise, the essential cup of coffee and my very best me. That being said, I have pardoned myself of all lists and confutable impositions. I have replaced them with a cleansing breath, bright eyes and an endless sky. I have replaced them with one goal, the restoration of the light in me. Returns to Adho Mukha Svanasana.



High Desert Diva said...

"I have pardoned myself of all lists and confutable impositions."

I like that...


Yvonne said...

First off...You have the fab Ms Nina Simone...Can we have a moment of silence!! I love that woman like my mama but I digress.

I'm a victim of the daily list making, but I've forsaken the list for my life. Fruitless and with my ADD too damn difficult. Be free mama and let life run its course. It's too short to be put on a list and to meaningful to be categorized. To Be!

A Cuban In London said...

Well, anyone who plays Nina's fab version of 'Here Comes the Sun' is pardoned of all sins and lists. Simple as that. Now, where were we:-)? Ahhh, lists. Oh, forget about'em, they never worked in the first time!

Greetings from London.

Cecile/DreamCreateRepeat said...

Reading your blog has become a daily need. How can we so often be on the same wavelength? How can hearing an old song sound so new and with deeper meaning than ever before?!


fly tie said...

i like this new approach.

Ms. Bar B: said...

Boy of boy how I am trying to get to this place. Its a challenge when you are being pulled in so many different and immediate directions. I am gonna keep on trying to get there though =)

Pamela said...

This is a beautifully written entry. Thank you.

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