Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oh boy! The feeling is starting to take is almost Christmas! Yikes! We went to Target this morning and picked up a few items for the children. I've pretty much completed my shopping. I took the pledge, so everything that I'm gifting this year is made by hand; mine or another amazing artist. I've gone a completely different direction with decorating this year too. Theme: A Cozy Country Christmas. Red is the color and our tree will be strewn in popcorn and cranberries. All presents will be wrapped in post consumer recycled kraft paper and red raffia ties. I'm looking forward to pulling this off, it's a first. I have a theme every year, but this country deal is new. I don't think the kids care about the aesthetics as long as whatever is in the boxes isn't too country!

I go through phases, lately I've been missing my Gullah ties a lot. I was shopping on Etsy the other night and came across a seller not far from my grandparents' house. It really felt good to buy from her another Carolinian. I love the feel and the tradition associated with country life, it's slow and savory like the meals, but everything else is just the antithesis of Tameka, the person. I think that is why I like my little oasis so much, it's part old-fashioned traditional, yet free-thinking, liberal and progressive-if that is at all possible. Well that is the thought process behind our Cozy Country Christmas.

It looks like this years' Festivus will be cancelled or at least postponed until well after the holidays. We are likely taking a trip up North in search of some snow. Yeah! That'll be cool, perhaps I'm missing that too-I ordered a scarf the other day! Joe looked at me quizzically when I showed him, he asked where I might wear a scarf in AZ (nevermind how seldom I actually go further than the mailbox) eh, whatever-it is a really really nice scarf. If you are looking for a scarf that says "I am here." Check out Not only does she take an age old craft to an all new level, but her style is classy and regal. I have explored a lot of different fashions, but knit, crochet, classy and regal do not usually meld. Check this shop out, she does it and she does it well.

Business has been slow the past few days, I'm guessing much like myself folks are out and about doing their shopping. Or, the economy has truly put a dent in the holiday gift giving. Well, Yael is not getting a horse, but that has little to do with the national debt! I hope things pick up for me there are a few extras I'd like to get for the husband. It's been a banner year for us and he really is deserving of some extra niceties.

Well, I'm off to bed.

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Carolyn said...

Hi Tameka !

thanks so much for joining in my first swap ! I`ll let val know that you`re in with us all , and she`d offered to swap with you.
happy creating !

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