Friday, November 2, 2007

November 1st...Welcome Anju & Biju

Day one of discipline...I dragged poor stye-eyed hubby to the dregs of Phoenix to adopt, not one, but two very necessary kittens. I have been itching for a little more fur-covered companionship than Monsieur Beau can offer for a while now, and with Joe being gone so many hours and the kids' having their own very busy social calendars, I admit I was feeling a bit love-starved. On both the giving and receiving ends. So now I have kittens, two beautiful little sweeties! Anju is the boy, he is a Grey Tabby and Biju, the girl is a mixed breed, definitely Russian Blue, with white paws. I'll get pictures up as soon as they are familiar with their NEW! forever home. It's been a busy day for the little ones and they're still getting acclimated.
So, how is that disciplined? I don't know, but in a roundabout way some structure has come out of it. I will have to set up my studio space outside of the living room/dining room/bedroom/ laundry room that it is now currently sprawled throughout. Kittens are like toddlers, they will play with, eat, and destroy anything within reach. So, that is one good thing! Organization. I was also so excited about the new arrivals that I ate one, instead of my usual two slices of Brother's (so good, mmmm) pizza-there ya go, some moderation...good for the thighs. I did not exercise, but I will get in some exercise today while I put my studio together! I must admit, I was even getting a bit nuts with all of the scatter. Creative minds are messy...very messy.
It is 3:45 and I really do need to get to sleep so that I can fulfill all of my organizational duties, so off I go. Oh oh oh! Halloween pictures...I'll get those up today sometime. "Yael Granger" looked beautiful in her Gryffindor duds and my sarcastic pumpkin was a hit too. I just grabbed the Sharpie and drew a face, it was quite the accurate portrait of my mood at the time. I was not having an "up" day and if I could put it to art (which I suppose I did) it would (and did) look a lot like this year's pumpkin! I stayed in this year and gave out candy, Joe did the honors-it turned out well. The last round of kiddies came through at about 8:30ish, we had some pieces left over and a few tchatchtkes; snakes, spiders, bats...overall a good turnout. I hope I feel better about the upcoming holidays-it is not at all like me to sit one out. We'll see...

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