Monday, November 5, 2007

Ack! I still haven't posted pics from Halloween or the kitties. Soon come, soon come. Today is the eve of the anniversary of the birth of my first child. I could totally have just said it is Jordan's birthday eve, but this is my blog...he should start his own if he wants to talk about his part in the day. Yes? Well, (not to sound like Mary J. always harpin' on her man) but my absolutement favorit homme bought a 12 pack of Hefeweizen, just to ease the ceremonious labor aches and pains. He is the one, I tell ya. I love love love that he acknowledges my ever important role in birthing babies...that Joe is a good egg! Hugs to the husband.
So sixteen it is, I will, in about 13 hours and 20 minutes have a 16 year old man-child. Yikes! I just trimmed his lovely shoulder length locks and aided and abetted the foolishness that is a moustache into some semblance of fashionable form. I never quite understood the need for a moustache, I guess it is tantamount to breasts for girls...I never understood or inherited any of those either! Laughs. I often to refer to this phase of my life as the perils of puberty although in my heart of hearts it is the pleasure, the passion, and the perpetual wisdom that accompanies parenting.I couldn't ask for more...really, even on the bad past-curfew-lied-about-your-whereabouts-gotta-pick-your-silly-ass-up-from-the-sheriff's-containment-center days! I still think I'm too young for most of this shit though, really, I still like the red candies and am not above any fortune telling devices, toys, husband makes me giggle madly and so does the sight of someone busting their ass! Laughs.
So let me tell you more about my kittens from here on out, they will be referred to as my, "fur-kids" or their names Anju my 2 mos old sweet boy and Biju my 1 mo old good girl...yes they are my, "sweet and good" ones. Not that Beau is not in good standing anymore, but Beau is moody and stand-offish like the humans that live here. I must admit I was kinda love-starved! Okay, okay, so Anju in a nutshell is a scaredy-cat; he lurks under the bed peeking out from under the dust ruffle. You totally know he wants to come out and run amok, but he's still feeling us out. Biju on the other hand is all about it! Now, she is a well travelled kitten, she's been in Jordan's quarters much akin to the French Quarters post Katrina, she's been behind the refrigerator...she returned dusty yet unscathed, she's been in my craft pile, she's been on the yoga mat...she has clawed my 50% off faux ficus from Michael's (had to squirt her that time) and she has been to Beau's-uninvited of course. Bothered her none, she simply scaled the side of his domicile and perched herself atop his roof, fuzzy little paws dangling in. Beau remained secluded and annoyed until she fell asleep up there. They are the source of much pleasure around here all across the board even the resident rapper has been caught being! "We loves the fur kids!"
Pretty in Peace! Pretty in Peace is in Relate magazine this month! Relate magazine is intended for teens, but since modern day teens are so flippin' advanced, (for lack of a better word) it is drawing more of the 'tween audience...which includes your 8-13 year olds, I believe. You know Hannah Montana, clear lip gloss and nail polish kiddos! Well, one of my rings made their Closet Craves section!Here is the link:
Isn't that just the most fantabulastic news? I'm so way way way excited. I just finished some NEW! designs, 2 wholesale orders and signed my first consignment contract with Nectar Boutique in SLC, Utah (that's cool-speak for Salt Lake City)! Again, I have to say we are bound only by the confines of our own minds. Not that every journey you set out on will be a documented historical success, but you will have ventured-and that, within itself is a success. Don't even get me started on American history and folks that are credited with discovering shit that was already inhabited and in use-but as a black woman it would be long before I was given credit for my own accomplishments let alone any additional accreditation. Not a dig at the "man", just a firmly planted foot and another contingency plan. Forward, I go.
We are starting to get ready for the end of the year stretch here in "Market's-town". I just selected the e-vite template for this year's "Festivus Soul-stice". I really look forward to that one day a year when everyone gets together for a night of carefully orchestrated chaos. It will be December 15th this year...I'm hoping my committee can pull it off. There is nothing like the charge I get from a few days of good food and friendship, it's the perfect end and a positive prospectus for the beginning of our years together. (Plus, they gotta see the NEW! fur-kids!)

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