Friday, November 23, 2007

Hi My name is Tameka and an inconsistent blogger. Are you happy now? I said it! I wish I knew what I've been so busy doing that I've so severely neglected this blog. Do forgive me as I have forgiven myself. Winks. Yes, I am not going to beat myself up about it...carry on, shall we?
Let's see, we've covered the kittens, yes? Beau has a calm resolve about the whole situation with the new fur kids. Make no mistake, he is not completely thrilled, but he has found a place of acceptance about them living here too. And, because he has been so admirable I've been giving him some extra out of cage time. There was a hint of tension between Beau and Biju initially...she is cause for concern. I may need to call the Cat Whisperer for her; a bit rough around the edges, she is. We all have someone like that in our lives, they add color to life and occasionally a cheek or two. She as issues with respecting personal space, I guess to anthropomorphise I'd say she is the extroverted type, the TMI person at the gathering, she arrives unannounced and not quite put together. That's our Biju! She farts alot, she's a bit unkempt...but you gotta love her. Anju, on the other hand is a "Cream Puff". He can be a bit of a whiner, but that melds well with all of the Cancerian Cry-babies that are already here. I vacillate on pushing him to toughen up a bit because I totally respect his introversion and general indifference. I'd totally drink coffee and watch an indie film with the anthromorphous Anju! So, as you can tell I am totally smitten with my turning-out-to-be-quite-a-handful-of-patience-and-money kittens.
I think I'm going to break down and get on my Flickr game already! Photos bring so much life to blogging. I'm perfectly sated to read on and on about the trials and triumphs along another writer's path, but for the folks that never quite got over the cancellation of Reading Rainbow, pictures bring a whole other life to blogging. Now, I said I will have to get my Flickr on, but what that means in the grand scheme of things is that Joe will set it up and give me the dimmed down version of how to use it. Not that I cannot read, I don't know if I have developed some elitist aversion but I am graphic/visual aids challenged. Establishing Beau's very bare MySpace profile was a feat, complete with flared, sweaty nostrils and quite a bit of anger. (Yikes! Paris Bennett's song just came on Pandora-nails on a chalkboard I tell ya'). The Etsy community is so, well communal and while togetherness really isn't my thing I do find the kind of intimacy that builds as a result of just letting a little of your sunshine (and rain) in, is good for business and for your overall e-growth. I tried rather unsuccessfully...(shamefully unsuccessful) to partake in Self Portrait Thursdays. I think, I made it like 2 or 3 times. I've concluded that Thursdays aren't my pretty day, I am definitely a Mondays' Hottie. Winks. I know that playing well in the sandbox-unless it is my sandbox, filled with formally invited guests only and decorated with imported quality white sand, is just not one of my many strengths. So without completely ruining the Etsy tradition I will try to take a self portrait randomly during the week and in the spirit of community, co-mingling and cooperation will upload it to my Flickr account on Thursday's. I think that is fair, yes?
Pretty in Peace NEWS! Well, I reached a high of 75 listed items...I'm back down to 74. I have supplies orders coming in the I mean "bill box" everyday. My personal goal is to have 100 items completed and listed for sale by the first of December. Male voice over asks,"Will she do it?" This, remains to be seen. Business and creativity are not really are creativity and broke, but y'know. I try to balance the need to stay true to my brand and myself by only putting out quality items and not mass producing designs a la strip malls and mainstream B&Ms-and with that comes the design block dilemma. Sometimes, I feel analytical, some days creative and crafty. Other times, I just wanna sit down and write a letter to a friend. Being in the comforts of home is bittersweet. My home is so cozy (Really, it is. Hues of blues and browns, it's like being on a temperature controlled, insects-free oasis with electricity and basic satellite TV)everything is so "me". I often find it challenging to get in business mode. The wholesale orders were a fiscal frilly, but it felt like work. By the time all of the settings were cast and it was time to package and ship, I had already spent my profits laughs and it just wasn't so much fun anymore. I think I mentioned that I'm not a real good "do-er". (I also hate the word good) Well, I don't think I'll accept anymore than an additional one or two wholesale orders because I don't want to commit my stock to the beautification of someone else's shop during the peak of consumerism that is Christmas.
Our Thanksgiving was quaint and casual just the way we like it. Everything was prepared on time, the presentation was lovely, we all banded together to pull it off and we did. Yael engaged in a bit of holiday mutiny that was quickly brought to a sortie by "Corporal Dad" and his army green canvas belt. Chuckles. Jordan was cooperative, we're pleased, he's finally learned. I really can't ask for more. We had some random family banter, made our individual proclamations of gratitude, a few jokes. Joe slipped in some ever appropriate teen sex humor and away we went with full hearts and guts. Yael announced that she would like a Wii for Christmas or...a horse. How unfortunate, Santa, I fear, heard-dolls, books and cool handmade goods from Etsy! (Subtle plug) All of my Etsy money has gone back into other Etsy artists' shops and supplies. I am giving handmade this year and it feels great! I've been able to really tap into the place in all of my special people that I want to spotlight without the pressures of following a trend or a list. I believe they will be quite pleased. Even Jordan-who is at the peak of label lust.I'd eat raw rancid meat before I'd give up what I know now to be 16 again...blecccch.
As I was dabbing on the Sulfur 8-(Gotta love the arid AZ air vs. Black girl hair) I spotted a shiny platinum strand of "good sense" within the first centimeter of hairs framing the right side of my face, I smiled. With the exception of my ass drooping, I welcome all of the wonders of aging. I'm healthy, loving, loved and pretty good looking on Mondays'!
So, I think I have noted any and everything particularly noteworthy over the past 3 weeks. I'll get on that Flickr thingamabob for those short on syntax and it's a go. Removes rogue kitten from sofa and sighs.

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kittyd said...

Reading your blog today gave me a few good giggles-glad I decided to stop by. :)

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