Sunday, December 2, 2007

Popcorn, cards and crackers-I absolutely love my Etsy life. There is nothing greater for the gloomy Arizona winter days than crafting. Granted, there are a bazillion things I could do in and about the house, but the gratification from making something beautiful is just surreal.

This year I've gone with a Cozy Country theme for Christmas, so far I have strung enough popcorn to wrap all 7.5 feet of our family tree. Of course, with the help of my favorite guy. I'm all about themes. I wonder if I'll ever cave and let the children participate in the dressing of the tree. Joe has coined me the, "Christmas Nazi". It is an interesting paradigm, but it holds quite a bit of merit. I just have this mental image every year of what I need the tree to look like and know that I cannot go forward and be merry if that vision is not fulfilled. I wonder what adverse effects this will have on the children. Will they monopolize their own family trees'? Or, to drive me nuts, will they invite me over with the largest un-themed (Is that a word? Let's go with theme-less.) hodge podge of holiday madness tree-smack dab in the center of their living room. Oh, the horror! Shakes head to rid evil thoughts.

Speaking of old fashioned (gotta love the segue) a fellow Etsian launched a snail mail campaign celebrating the art of stationery and letter writing and I jumped right on it. Although my paper goods shop didn't take off with the fortitude of Pretty in Peace, it still remains dear to me. This is what I came up with for my partner:
I combined some archival and cotton fiber papers and attached them decoupage style to a tri fold natural cardstock. I punched holes at the corners and ribbon-tied the note with peach polyester ribbon.
Next up...the Christmas Cracker Swap! On Monday I will complete and stuff a gorgeous Christmas cracker that I've designed for another member of the fantastic Etsy community. This idea came to me via the fora from two very innovative ladies, Carolyn and Valerie. Valerie also happens to be my partner, therfore, I will not be posting the contents of this lovely cracker. Surprises are a good thing. Instead, be on the lookout for the cracker I am to receive from Valerie and the letter from my elusive snail mail partner.
These little bits of happiness are really a load of fun and helps build the sense of community on Etsy that is so easily lost in the murky snark swamps of the fora.

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