Monday, December 17, 2007

I am back damn it! Grateful as ever that I was able to swim the proverbial tide this holiday season with my budding business venture, but weary from the trip. I am on a virtual Etsy vacation. I'm listing, I'm creating, I'm shipping-but I am limiting fora participation until the new year. It certainly has been a blast and I've built some special relationships along with establishing my business-but as they say familiarity breeds contempt. I'm going to step aside, retreat and recharge. In a week, a mere week away from the fora I have mastered two incredible designs and a total kick ass macro! This is the Ella necklace, it is one of my most recent designs and one I am quite fond of. It is currently for sale in my Etsy shop:

Photography is not my strong suit. I'm all about the stylizing, I can dress the hell out of my product but, what my grey matter and the good folks at Kodak see after the shutter is pressed are very different. That makes this shot of my Caterpillar earrings all the more special. Check out this macro baby! *Screams*

I'll never fully master the kind of control I have between mind, body and spirit with machine-but it won't keep me from getting damn close! This is exactly what I saw in my mind's eye when I finished these earrings and, "Voila"!
Speaking of the body, I've been slacking in my yoga practice and I'm feeling the wear. My core is loose, both mentally and physically. I developed one of those throbbing headaches complete with chakral bursts of negative electric energy today after a 60 seconds phone call home...well NYC-it isn't home anymore. I feel much weaker when I'm not focused and disciplined, it is definitely an area for development as the new year comes about.
Well, I have about 5 drafts awaiting proof, editing and photos. A bientot, and happy reading.

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