Tuesday, December 11, 2007

As not to be redundant I will not begin this post with an admission of blogger's guilt. I will say however if you find yourself missing my musings do feel free to purchase and mail me the following from soapboxtheory! This shop is run by a fellow Etsian who also hosts a page at soapboxtheory.com! These cards make you want to write a letter, throw a Fish-fry, sit down and talk some "good shit".

Speaking of letter writing, this is a pic of the lovely card that I received in the Snail mail Etsy swap, another amazing Etsian and budding entrepreneur.

Ugh...What else has been going on?

Note to self: "You know you are 34 and the days of remembering every minute (and some major) events in your life are coming to a close...blog regularly damn it!"

Oh, okay so did I already mention Yael wants a horse for Christmas? Yes, like a real horse. She's funny. Nothing ceases to amaze me with the little people. Needless to say I am just about done with her Christmas shopping and there shall be no horse. Reality aside-meaning ignore the impracticalities of a Native NYC-er...yes, Queens-not Syracuse, owning a horse. The only thing I know about horses is Central Park and a few girlfriends who don "The Cat". We already have a guinea pig and two kittens that, while I was coerced by promising eyes have met with many a rolled eye when it's time to scoop shit or change bedding! Imagine a friggin' horse-can you just imagine? Yikes!
Oddly enough I can't think of too many items I'd like for Christmas. I have some Etsy favorites picked out and could use some yoga threads (and some damn yoga) and some, like...random "errands-wear". Joe seems to be into the idea of buying me a craft table/station. Like, I really need one. Pffft! What's wrong with what I'm currently using? I mean, look at the bright side of it, I have sold over 100 pieces of jewelry in less than 100 days of business! This morning I woke up to this. The FRONT PAGE TREASURY! And, above and beyond all else-it makes me happy! Being in business for myself and by myself is really an amazing feeling. I'd love a shipping and receiving department, but y'know I'm taking baby steps! We all have to start somwhere, yes?
Well, that's a pretty brief update of the stuff I can remember. And, for all of the stuff I've forgotten, Coming soon to a PC near you a NEW! Flickr page...well, eventually-anyway. Peace.

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