Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Aargh! My creative chaos has backfired! I have misplaced, lost, thrown away possibly fed a small animal a gorgeous piece of vintage brass that I was finally going to work with this evening! I have gone through all of my boxes, looked under the table, behind the desk, under the abyss that is my dining room table and even through some of the labyrinth that is my coffee table and, nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Grrrrr! If it were beads, eh no sweat just order more minute loss, but vintage means that's it, the only one. Well, maybe not the only one but the others belong to someone's great aunt or her estate! Do you see it anywhere?
I shyed from vintage simply because I wasn't sure that my skills were honed enough to work with one of a kind pieces. There is nothing worse than a disparity between your mind's eye and the message your hands receive. Yesterday I was right on; message clear. I sat down and constructed a beautiful piece of jewelry combining a vintage finding with a beautiful button that I purchased for another project in err. It sold in about 30 minutes of posting it, now that is pretty sweet, yes?! The piece is called Amelia, no particular reason. Well, actually...Laughs. Funny story...a girlfriend has a daughter named Amanda who is pubescent and therefore insane. (as they all are) Anyway, we refer to her alter ego, y'know the one with a little more crazy than the regular pubescent crazy, as Amelia. We spoke yesterday briefly but, geesh I never thought the name would drill it's way into my subconscious so quickly or so easily for that matter. It's a good thing we weren't discussing anything vulgar. Could you just imagine "The Bitch necklace; Available NOW! at Pretty in Peace Designs!" Laughs. Thinks, "Must find necklace and ship to customer" Sips Pinot Grigio...Yet, again as brilliance starts to swirl about the wrinkled grey matter. Jordan enters to interrupt my serenity with some random foolishness. Ugh.

I did some shopping today, for myself actually. Well, Joe and I both picked up a few things. There were some pretty impressive things happening on the old Target (pronounced with French accent egout on 'e') clearance racks. I bought two super soft (like, you had them forever ever) blouses, they were $3.74! Considering, I had a weekly shopping habit of nearly 100 times that (not a typo) that is truly damn impressive! Of course I tried to rationalize buying every pattern/color-but Joe was there to be the frugal voice of reason. Grimaces. Shopping for others kinda stinks. I had a hell of a lot more fun waiting for Santa than being him! I enjoy the happy shiny faces on Christmas morning, but the weeks leading up to it are brutal on my inner spoiled child. Which reminds me isn't this the absolute best magnet?!Another super creative Etsian!

If you have not joined Etsy, you are seriously missing out. Well, perhaps it isn't your thing, but it has seriously helped me recapture and capitulate my creative energies. Goodyear, AZ is like Kryptonite on Creativity. Strip Mall Metropolis that it is, if I shop the malls the only thing that will make me stand out from the crowd is the fact that I'm black and flat chested! Laughs. I miss NYC shopping; The 3rd Street Bazaar and that wonderful marketplace on Broadway...well atleast I've got Etsy. Good night and good shopping!

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