Friday, October 29, 2010

Cosmo and the Universe

On the heels of what can best be summarized as a full out fucktacular month, Yael Rose returned from the mailbox of doom on Monday with this little guy; skinny, filthy and cute as ever!

I took him in, fed him and started the obligatory, "Is this your furry friend?" sign. Our neighbor, a dog owner-told the Favorite Guy that our visitor had been in and out of his yard teasing his dogs for a couple of weeks. Hmmm...The kids pooled their resources and off we went for ear mite cream, flea shampoo, a de-wormer and of course, a pretty little collar.

After much, much debate about names: Bennie, Vishnu, Comet, Pizza, Greyson, Theophilus, etc. we settled on, "Cosmo". Cosmo however has yet to settle down-at all. Much to the dismay of our three older, fatter, lazier rescued feline friends.

With two craft fairs and the busiest shopping season of the year approaching, he is proving to be somewhat of an occupational hazard for Pretty in Peace.

But, who can resist the cute?

Thank you Universe for allowing me the opportunity to give shelter to another furry friend in need. See, I'm being gracious, now can you ease up on the fucktacular please. My beer budget is TIGHT.
Peace and critters


kerin rose said...

very very pretty kitteh!

Mrs. K said...

That kitty is so adorable. I love how you got the kids to pool together to get stuff for him :)

Dina said...

This is probably crazy, but have you ever considered making dog/cat collars? I have a dog and I'm pretty sure I'd buy one from you.

Anonymous said...

he is a cutie! and i don't even like cats :)

Barbara said...

OMG!! What a beauty, and this is coming from a non-kitty person, lol. All is forgotten once you look into those big beautiful eyes =).

Daisy said...

Cosmo is adorable! Thank you so much for rescuing a soul in need.

The Urban Wifey said...

He is just the cutest!!

fly tie said...

aww...he's sweet-looking, and the little collar is precious on him.

lol @ the kitten being in somebody's yeard "teasing" their dogs.

you're so giving. :-)

and is that the sewing machine i see. mmmmhmmmmm!

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