Saturday, October 9, 2010


This was the first take in what would become a good 10 mins. "laugh attack".

That's me in the mirror looking every bit of as absolutely insane as I feel each week whilst recording myself signing for my ASL class. Take upon take, either cursing at the camera having fumbled my finger spelling, or laughing later whilst viewing the video, witnessing my psychopath-like absence of affect. This whole experience has been pure comedy.

Alas, I have a new appreciation for sociolinguistics as a science in and of itself, and a regard for body language cues that even an avid people-watcher such as myself had yet to fully grasp. You'd think- being a histrionic, er I uh mean- animated New Yorker, I'd have no problem communicating sans verbalization; why, I "flip the bird", roll m'neck and eyes at least a dozen times a day! What gives American Sign Language?!

This week, I'm buckling down and committing to an additional hour of practice daily, either I'll ace this course or rip my hair clean outta my head! How about you? What's the most challenging thing you've done, recently?

Peace and practice


Barbara said...

Beautifully insane =).

You know, I think the fact that you get to see yourself, how others see you in performance mode will help you up your performance. On the other hand, its GREAT that the unspoken word bring so much joy =).

Mrs. K said...

LMBO. I like it. Hilarious. I took 2 years of ASL in high school and it frustrates me that I only remember the basics (ie. finger spelling). I was so good, I don't know what happened. Well yes, I do. I stopped practicing. Anyway, best of luck--it may be helpful to get your husband and kids involved :) I am cracking up at your "histrionic" comment. You are too funny. Keep practicing. YOU CAN DO IT!
Btw: my new challenge for myself is learning to sew and I'm not good at all! LOL

fly tie said...

glamour shot! :-D

i remember thinking i wanted to learn asl, but i changed my mind quickly probably because of how difficult it perceived it to be.

that was about 13 years ago, so these days i might be up to it.

hmmmm...i guess my recent challenge has been making garments the right size. for some reason everything's looking huge to me, so i end up making clothes smaller than what they should be. than it's either too small or fits uncomfortably. (this is despite having the measurements.)

(i go through this occassionally...and i also have my "that's mighty tiny!" moments where i make garments way too big!)

Mrs. K said...

By the way, I gave you a blog award because I think you are stylish. Come by to get it when you get a chance. :)

Soul Pretty said...

Mini is taking sign language...she loves it...I'm glad you liked todays diy...I'm gonna try it on a larger scale...

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