Thursday, October 21, 2010

My busy week in review...

Also known as excuses for blog slackin' when I shoulda' been blog mackin'... (Somewhere my friends are wincing at yet another failed attempt at being hip.)

Last Friday I cut my own hair...I "fixed" it on Saturday...I haven't combed it since.

Studying...well, sorta. This is stupid week. Are you familiar with stupid week? Well, I have a week when I just can't seem to get anything to make happens every month. The last time I had woes of the monthly variety I had the culprit excised by a nice man in a very cold, well-lit room. There were drugs, it wasn't so bad. This time however, I am not so lucky, so deal I must.

I study with the television on for background noise-it helps drown out the voices in my head that beckon me to do other, more fun things, like eat more empty carbolicious calories. Only this week the television beckoned me to find the names of cool songs from Subaru commercials via Google and then purchase said cool songs for my 5pod, but only after watching them on YouTube thrice and "singing" loudly. Note: I only actually know the 30 second snippet of lyrics featured in the commercials.

Here's my favorite one:

A pox on dude who pulled the doughnut out of his pocket. I had to double take...with one hand on the phone...thumb on the number 9... Please tell me you saw it too.

What else? Oh, despite what I look like in the photo above and now as I type this, I'm a rather astute businessperson, and have spent a better part of the week sounding great in type and on the telephone as I negotiated (read: whored) my way into some pretty exciting ventures for Pretty in Peace. More on those later...

Today I completed a few NEW! pieces for my Holiday 2010-2011 Collection, and managed to squeeze in a few, simpler everyday-wear pieces for a local craft fair. Spins in chair, and giggles as cats run for all of their lives. I made it! Woot!

I saw a good movie...Canadians are um...Canadian. See for yourself, it's called, "Les Sept Jours du Talion" (Seven Days). It's an impressive take of the madness of a vengeful heart...or the heart to avenge madness. You'll have to let me know what you think when you watch it; It's on Netflix streaming.

I wore purple. I bought more Halloween treats, clear nail polish; taught more math and discussed The U.S. Constitution.

I watched a docu-news-something-or-other on Andrea Yates and yelled at the television, my husband noticed something was wrong with me. Hmmp!

And, here I am...on the verge of once again wishing you all a wonderful weekend. I'm going to comb my hair tomorrow, and take pics of all of the new designs I've completed...promise.



Jewelry Rockstar said...

I don't have dumb week, I have angry week and this is it for me too. I am managing to keep it together this month though. No super blow up meltdowns. Just small spatters and sputters.

mairedodd said...

life is like that - but for all of what felt random, it sounds like you got a lot done... and you maintained your full time position of mom as well... looking forward to seeing the designs - love the song/video! and i think it's that cold air (yeah, that's the ticket! john lovitz as the liar on snl) that is causing us to reach for the carbs... xo

A Cuban In London said...

Hey, it's great to have you back. Thanks for your visit and your comment. I hope that you're not hitting the books too hard. :-)

Greetings from London

Barbara said...

Excitement, excitement! That is a cute scarf you have there. Looking forward to seeing what lies beneath. Thanks for that trip down study/midterm/final lane via photpgraph.

Teddy Started It said...

I don't know who you are or how you found me, but I'm glad you did. I like your style. I cut my own hair this morning...I may, or may not comb it tomorrow. We'll see. As for now, I'm off for some Tea & Honey Bread cuz that just sounds yummy.

(Oh, and thanks for the comment on my not-so-happy kitty post. Just workin'/writing my way through it all.)

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