Monday, November 1, 2010

DIY or Bust: Craft Fair edition

I think I've mentioned aloud (Sometimes the conversations I have in my head meld with the real ones.) that I've gone completely crazy and entered TWO craft fairs this year; that's twice as many as usual! And, perhaps I may have also quipped aloud regarding having ZERO dollars in way of a craft fair budget. Rebranding has put the kibosh on any disposable Pretty in Peace income. Necessity is, however, the mother of invention and I needed to raise my pieces to make them more readily visible atop a buffet table that is several inches lower than most collapsible craft tables. Amongst a sea of 30 other vendors it was not a step I could afford to leave out of my sales/exposure strategy.

Dons thinking cap and enters garage of doom.

Repurposed cardboard box, bowl of Mod Podge $0.00

Fabric scraps, child labor

Hidden interior: sandwich bag filled with gravel from front yard


Felt, grosgrain ribbon $0.00

Clear push pins: $1.09 (tax included)


Peace and simple living


Pascha said...


Angelique said...

Gorgeous and excellent idea!!!

Barbara said...

Yael Rose will now be known as The Queen of Cute Nails!

Love the display. That is very crafty of you friend. You will definitely be standing out in the crowd!

mairedodd said...

fabulous! too bad you didn't let cosmo help... he is adorable! and i have a young cat who adores when i am working... he doesn't miss a photo shoot...
and how nice of yael to help her momma - who is probably nearing panic mode...
somehow tameka, the shows work themselves out

shibori girl said...

Resourceful and elegant. I like the cheap labor idea too. :)

I'm getting ready for a show of my own, and have butterflies tumbling around in my gut whenever I think about it.

I'm sure we'll both do well. Your new pieces are smashing!



Anonymous said...

What an awesome idea! The display looks beaautiful...Yael rocked the mod podging of that box!

The display is gorgeous and happy craft fairing :)

a.r.v.y said...


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