Friday, May 28, 2010

This Feral Mind o' Mine

Okay, it's official I am an intellectual forager and I am struggling with the "spoon-feeding" facet of my education. Argh! This type of learning-which I have not done in a long time-is now foreign to me, I am untamed; feral.

I'm doing well, actually very well, the most concrete terms I can conjure, the process is akin to creating a great work of art with my left -(not dominant)- hand.

Yesterday I took a test-a test. Grimaces. And, there were multiple choice questions on it. Now for some this means, "Yay!" But, not for me, nope. I spent a ridiculous- so ridiculous it timed out and I had to take the test again- amount of time on two questions. Why? Well, because the choices were so similar. The voices in my head were debating instances when some if not ALL of those answers could and would be applicable. Alas, there was no person with which to debate. I spent far too much time meeting with professors the first time around when I was younger and things were perkier and they were far more inclined to humor me. Winks.

So, what did I do? I reticently chose the answer I would not have chosen had I been able to discuss my lesson notes-complete with highlighted points and bubbles where I had thoughts which warranted discussion; it was right. However, in my rampant haste to "just get the damn thing done already" I skipped the first question (of which I was certain of the answer) altogether! Grade: 96%, blood pressure: significantly higher, conclusion: This endeavor is going to be far more interesting than I'd anticipated. The brain-training, if you will, has proven far more labor-intensive than the subject matter itself.

Peace and perseverance


Kathy said...

Oh how frustrating. I wasn't a good student the first time around...not sure I would do any better now.

Jennifer said...

Oh T, this sounds exciting in a way! I am so behind on what you're doing so I'll have to read back to search for clues. I tend to be ok with multiple choice only when the choice is obvious. I too am inclined to begin thinking of scenarios when each answer could be right and then I panic at the thought of what my choice might say about me (if the test is to determine my fit for a new job, for instance). It's too bad these things can't be talked out, but congrats on your result!

Emma's Mom said...

Yes, congrats on that score. It takes time to get back in the swing of things once you've been out of the loop. Its much easier to be able to do things the way you like to do them, and a pain in the booty when you are forced to subscribe to the rules or the guidelines or the mind of your professor.

If you find yourself constantly running out of time during your tests, it might be worth it to check out your school's Student Disability Services. Its a great resource for test drunkenness =).

Shannon said...

I miss school.. I've contemplated returning! Good luck! I know you'll do WONDERFUL!

High Desert Diva said...

Multiple choice always gets me, too.

fly tie said...

"Well, because the choices were so similar. The voices in my head were debating instances when some if not ALL of those answers could and would be applicable."

damn tests! i've been there so many times and have also spend so much time debating.

but kudos on the 96 :-)

(it's the worst feeling when you miss or forget to answer a question that you definitely know the answer to. uuggghhh!)

yeah, the whole "going back to school after a while" is something else. especially for us feral ones.

Jill said...

I can't even imagine sitting through a class right now. And, taking tests?! Good for you! I do like the sound of the challenge though.

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