Monday, May 17, 2010

Back to School

Tree-free banana leaf (abaca) notebook and used texts-I'm a green learning machine.

I am a student again. Yep, I am taking classes at a local institution of higher learning which will remain unnamed lest I limit my ability to rant if/as necessary. Although thus far, it's been an enjoyable three-week run.

I bet you're wondering what I'm taking. Well, I'm taking cultural anthropology...and as your face begins to contort with befuddlement, the answer is simply this-I don't know enough- Even less than I thought I knew, I've quickly found. -about the conditions which shape "the human condition". Will I disappear into the jungle and become a modern day cannibal once Yael Rose leaves the nest? Perhaps, I'm sure by then there will be a preponderance of fine lager, decent pizza and Diet Coke in the jungle. Sad, but likely. However, in truth I have no worldly plans at this juncture of my academic career; I just want to continue learning, growing and being.

Structured, formal education is one of those areas in which even I'm not exactly sure where I stand; this is evidenced in my un/homeschooling. That being said, it is far more practical (and cost-efficient) of me to take mixed-media online college courses than to pack the family up and head to the rain forest. Will I glean the same level of knowledge sans the experience? Of course not, but I'll know more than I did three weeks ago which is far less than I thought I knew already. Look at that, it's working.

So, what's new with you?
Peace and education


High Desert Diva said...

Yes. Perfect choice. LEARN

Lisa BTB said...

I just want to continue learning, growing and being. (I love this statement.)

I think it is a wonderful move. Good for you!

Yvonne said...

So proud of you T., eventhough its obvious that you DO know everything all ready. Seriously, it's a huge step to go back to school. Love. Learn. Live.

Emma's Mom said...

Cultural Anthro huh? Me likey... I almost did a minor in Anthropology and I am rooming with an Anthropologist friend =). So, in other words, Anthro is great. And Socio-cultural Anthro has a special place in my heart.

New with me? Well... got my brakes fixed... YAY! That's about it =)

fly tie said...

same reason i went back and am (on and off) pursuing a degree in english: i like to learn...and have an affinity for those subjects.

i like "green learning machine" for me, not too much actually!

Jewelry Rockstar said...

cool thing to study. Congrats. Can't to see what shows up on your blog.

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