Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Music: Courtney Marie Andrews

Stinging still was the signing of SB1070 when I was invited to display my work alongside several local Phoenix area artists. Entering Frances Vintage, for the fist time I turned a blind eye to my favorite "Love Phoenix of Leave Phoenix" tee shirts and bumper stickers. While silent, my heart roared against the signing of SB1070, at its constituents and I felt a sense of discord and disconnect from this place I came to call home nearly 6.5 years ago today.

And, then she walked in with her guitar, decidedly understated in what we artist types like to call disinterested contemplation. She seemed to disappear within the room and smiled shyly as she made her way to the space allotted her. In minutes, she began to fill the heartspace of those within earshot with ethereal vocals and beautifully human lyricism, Phoenix began to feel like home again.

There's novelty in the Phoenix art scene that is unmatched and bursting with untapped talent. It is the place to be if you are progressive and creatively ingenious, we'll get through this political shit one brilliant voice at a time. In short there is so much opportunity to "shine, shine shine", and shine, folk singer, songwriter Courtney Marie Andrews does. "Painter's Hands and a Seventh Son" is available for preview and purchase on iTunes. I especially recommend the single "Darling Boy".

Peace and brilliant voices


Kathy said...

I will give her a listen for sure. Glad your day improved with a bit of gentle music.

Jennifer said...

She has a wonderful voice!! THanks for sharing this :)

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