Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Design 3/40: "Elle"

"One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.” -Oscar Wilde

"Elle"-T.Allen-Mercado, Summer 2010

Day 3; design 3 of 40, am I allowed to have a favorite yet? This design came to me in a dream, well not exactly this design but a rudimentary version: all white, enamel over base metal, I presume. Which-now that I think of it-doesn't sound half bad. I digress. "Elle" in her former life was a white bolo tie worn by a strikingly beautiful woman. She sat silently in wear-worn jeans and a fitted baby tee, sans bra. We shared a half-smile on the imaginary bus stop bench of my subconscious, and then I woke. The end.

Well, not really...see, then I tripped over a cat in the dark whilst trying to get to my notepad which was buried under all of the other desktop necessities, only to find someone had moved my damn pens again. I served up an angry "whisper shout" combo of my two most favoritest swear words, took a halitosis-laden swig of the last inch or so of very flat Diet Coke straight from the bottle- whatever, it's mine, shut-up- and, stomped back into my room. I thrust myself onto the bed dramatically, hoping -intensely, I might add- Joe would wake up and ask me what was wrong; I wanted to share the maddening details of my emotionally charged 5 minutes. Alas, he didn't budge, and a mug of coffee and a few hours later, "Elle" was born. That, my friends, is the end.

Peace and beauty


mairedodd said...

and that is wonderful! i love her - how a whole person comes to you... such a beautiful mind... hmmm, my favorite pens go missing too... i always loudly announce that i will be happy to get some for the offender if only they would 'leave mine alone'!

Mequet said...

Haha!!! Great story!! And I love that piece-simple and beautiful! I'm quite well acquainted with the whisper shout too, heehee. So, what are you two favorite swear words, pray tell? Inquiring minds want to know.

High Desert Diva said...

I want to be and wear.

Greedy, me.

Moorea Seal said...

oooh that is just gorgeous. I love it. ps, thank you for the kind note on my blog. i hope you and i both get a good break in this down and out economy. go handmade!

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