Monday, May 24, 2010

Schoolery and Jewelry

I can't believe it's been 4 days since my last post, certainly not for lack of things to say, I guess I've just been busy with schoolery, jewelry and the requisite spatterings of foolery.

School is going well; my feet are firmly planted and I've caught my stride. In truth, that first "A" helped to loosen the cogs. Writing on command, well...pretty much anything on command doesn't exactly appeal to my inner renegade. That, and remembering not to go off on italicized digressions-I love me some side babble-is an undertaking.

I'm still designing daily, and feel a renewed sense of creativity. My latest designs and ideas are feeding off of each other; each piece, I feel, speaks more about the current source(s) of inspiration than the last. The lack of a target audience has been a healthy move for me creatively, I'm tapping into and chartering new territory. Now, if I can just get the supplies to flow in as expediently as the ideas. [see photo on left.]

I hope all is going well for my favorite friends in the blogosphere, I'll be making rounds again shortly.



Emma's Mom said...

Glad to read you've settled comfortably into your studies. It sounds really exciting and I am sure that you will see nothing but As from this point out. Beautiful designs are the icing on the cake.

Kathy said...

So happy things are going well.

shibori girl said...

It's been so long since I last visited - vacation, family, work, all got in my way on the path through Blogland.

I read your recent few posts, and looks like you're keeping busy too! Congrats on taking classes. I think there's nothing better to stimulate creative juices than learning - whatever the category of studies may be, it influences the other aspects of your life.

LOVED your post about FB. I've unfriended some people who said they "knew" me... turns out I didn't want to know them at all!

I'm so happy your design work is going well. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next.


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