Thursday, April 8, 2010

Random Thought Thursday: In Bloom

Vacation is over, I'm back, but nothing is the same. You see before I left for vacation, I was going through an anxiety-laden emotional wincing of sorts; it could best be described as a mental "pee-pee dance". I was in need of purging and relief. Vacation came on the heels, albeit not close enough of another bout with people drunkenness and all of the what-I-could-have-should-have-done- differently hangover sadness. In short, people can really put a damper on life sometimes, but that's not always a bad thing.

Following our super San Diego sun and fun-filled junket, Iva arrived for a short stay, some of you may remember Iva from this post. True to form, she picked me up and brushed me off, without even knowing it. We spent the first few days catching up on the last couple years where tight schedules and purse strings kept us apart. We discussed everything from...Laughs. Just trust me, we discussed everything.

The afternoon before she left, on our way out for shopping and spirits we noticed the cactus in the front yard had blossomed, and there were more beautiful flowers than ever before. Looking down at an outfit I'd just recently-since Iva's arrival- felt comfortable enough- in my evolving body- to don, I realized that I had blossomed too. I was feeling more beautiful.

She left earlier this week, but not before the little birds in our tree hatched and moved on, the cactus blossomed and I remembered how contagious beauty is. There's this saying about friendships and seasons that escapes me now as I'm overcome with emotion, but in closing, I'd like to say, Iva brought Spring to me this year, and I am eternally grateful.

Peace and love

PS. Friend, if you're reading this-I went back to Old Navy and got the little skirt!


Jennifer said...

Oh this post is like a good book and the perfect cup of tea. I love time with a good friend! I always find it healing and I love that you got the little skirt.

Emma's Mom said...

That's wonderful! So glad that your post-vacation days are unfolding nicely.

Darcel said...

Welcome back!
I am so looking forward to my best friend coming for a visit in June. We haven't seen each other in about 2 years.

mairedodd said...

i am so very happy to hear this - you deserve to feel spring - to laugh and blossom and be swooned over!

Yvonne said...

So love hearing that your spirit is renewed. Good friends are a beautiful thing. I'm so happy for you.

fly tie said...

excellent words.

i'm amazed by the cactus.

High Desert Diva said...

Dose of girlfriend. Best medicine.

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