Friday, April 23, 2010

A Week and A Day

The Kahlo Collection: Limited Edition Spring 2010

One week and one day and it's trunk show time! I am excited, but surprisingly not at all anxious. I've kept to a consistent schedule all week; which has been so helpful. I bet you're thinking, well duh. But, you see, schedules and my creativity are not friends. I just knew I was going to come upon dullard's block and be completely unable to produce anything awesomelike within the two weeks I was allotted. Not so.

A few of my favorite super-duper suppliers whipped together packages of goodies for me and expedited the shipping. While that was happening, behind the scenes, I created a collage of the supplies and kept them up on my desktop, ruler in hand creating around the missing pieces. Two impressive collections later and it's jump ring, lock and solder time. More pics to come!

If you're local, come on out and mention this blog-
FREE! goodies for the first 10 guests:
Frances Vintage Boutique Trunk Show 10 W. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ
May 1st 10:00-4:00



hint said...

Oh what fun! I love the combination of red and turquoise. Hope you have an enjoyable time :)

Kristina Brooke said...

Absolutely beautiful. Blue is my favorite color. you are SO talented.

Tiara Faith said...

This is amazing! You are so talented on so many fronts.

Emma's Mom said...

Beautiful pieces. Wish I was going to be near.

mairedodd said...

i found that - shockingly- keeping a schedule worked for me on one of my last commitments... i think that the creator's mind can easily get off track so this can be helpful - imagine that!!
of course, the schedule did not have things that i dreaded, so that was helpful too~

Kathy said...

Sure wish I was local....I would be there!!

shibori girl said...

Lovely pieces just in time for summer. Good luck with the show and may you be blessed with eager customers. :)


Shannon said...

just LOVELY!!! You amaze me!

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